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Use Biometric Time Clock
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The bar-coded time clocks noted in the last best practice represent an excellent improvement in the speed and accuracy with which employee time data can be collected However, it suffers from an integrity flaw that employees can use each other s badges to enter and exit from the payroll system This means that some employees may be paid for hours when they were never really on-site at all A division of Ingersoll-Rand called Recognition Systems has surmounted this problem with the use of biometric time clocks (which can be seen at wwwhandreadercom) This reader requires an employee to place his or her hand on a sensor, comparing its size and shape to the dimensions already recorded for that person in a central database The time entered into the terminal will then be recorded against the payroll file of the person whose hand was just measured Thus, only employees who are on-site can have payroll hours credited to them The company sells a variation on the same machine, called the HandKey , which is used to control access to secure areas These systems have a secondary benefit; no one needs an employee badge or pass key as these tend to be lost or damaged over time, and so represent a minor headache for the accounting or human resources staffs, who must track them In a biometric monitoring environment, all an employee needs is a hand These monitoring devices are expensive and require significant evidence of buddy punching to justify their cost If these clocks are intended to replace barcoded time clocks, then there is no projected labor savings from reducing the manual labor of the payroll personnel (since this advantage was already covered by the bar-coded clocks), leaving only the savings from buddy punching to justify their purchase The same lack of time punched data exists in this case as was noted earlier for the bar-coded time clock Again, it can be resolved by meeting with the hourly personnel to show them how their time data is collected, stored, and summarized, and how to access this information on the time clock if the device has such data available
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Use the Honor System to Track Vacation and Sick Time
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It is common for the payroll staff to be in charge of tracking the vacation and sick time used by employees This involves sending out forms for employees to fill out
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60 / Accounting for Payroll
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whenever they take time off, usually requiring their supervisor s signature Upon receipt, the payroll staff logs the used time in the payroll system and files the forms away in the employee personnel folders If the payroll staff does not account for this information correctly in the payroll system, employees will probably spot the problem on their remittance advices the next time they are paid and will go to the payroll office to look into the matter these inquiries take up accounting staff time, as does the paperwork tracking effort When used with some control features, it is possible to completely eliminate the tracking of vacation and sick time by the payroll staff Under this scenario, employees are placed on the honor system of tracking their own vacation and sick time Though this system keeps the payroll staff from having to do any tracking of this information, there is also a strong possibility that some employees will abuse the situation and take extra time There are two ways to avoid this problem One is to institute a company-wide policy that automatically wipes out all earned vacation and sick time at the end of each calendar year This policy has the advantage of limiting the amount of vacation and sick time to which an employee can claim that he is entitled It mitigates a company s losses if a dishonest employee leaves the company and claims payment for many hours of vacation and sick time that may go back for years The other way to avoid the problem is to switch the tracking role to employee supervisors These people are in the best position to see when employees are taking time off and can track their time off much more easily than can the payroll staff In short, with some relatively minor control changes, it is possible to use an honor system for the tracking of employee vacation and sick time
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