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ees as soon as they are paid, resulting in possibly confrontational visits to the payroll staff, demanding an immediate adjustment to their pay with a manual check These changes disrupt the payroll department and introduce additional inefficiencies to the process The solution is to install a computerized time clock This clock requires an employee to swipe a uniquely identified card through a reader on its side The card is encoded with either a magnetic strip or a bar code that contains the employee s identification number Once the swipe occurs, the clock automatically stores the date and time, and downloads this information upon request to the payroll department s computer, where special software automatically calculates the hours worked and also highlights any problems for additional research (such as missed card swipes) Many of these clocks can be installed through a large facility or at outlying locations so that employees can conveniently record their time, no matter where they may be More advanced clocks also track the time periods when employees are supposed to arrive and leave, and require a supervisor s password for card swipes outside of that time period; this feature allows for greater control over employee work hours Many of these systems also issue absence reports, so that supervisors can tell who has not shown up for work Thus, an automated time clock eliminates much low-end clerical work, while at the same time providing new management tools for supervisors Before purchasing such a clock, one should recognize its limitations The most important one is cost This type of clock costs $2,000 to $3,000 each, or can be leased for several hundred dollars per month If several clocks are needed, this can add up to a substantial investment In addition, outlying time clocks that must download their information to a computer at a distant location require their own phone lines, incurring an additional monthly payment to the phone company There may also be a fee for using the software on the central computer that summarizes all the incoming payroll information Given these costs, it is most common for bar-coded time clocks to be used only in those situations where there are so many hourly employees that there is a significant savings in the payroll department resulting from their installation Also, employees will lose their swipe cards To encourage them to keep their cards in a safe place, the company can charge a small fee for replacing them Prior to the use of this type of clock, hourly employees will have gotten used to paper-based timecards that have their start and stop times punched onto them When a bar-coded time clock is installed, they lose the security of seeing this record of their hours worked Instead, they swipe a card through the clock and never see any evidence of time worked To overcome the loss of security that comes from this changeover, the accounting staff should show the hourly personnel how the new clock works and where the data is stored, so that they can gain some assurance that their time data will not be lost If there is an option that allows them to look up information on the time clock s LCD display, then they should receive training in how to do this; in addition, a procedure could be posted next to the clock that shows how to obtain this information It is also useful to install a set
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of green and red lights next to the scanner, with the green light flashing when a successful scan has been completed (and the red light indicating the reverse)
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