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Inputs Resources such as capital and materials that are consumed or transformed by the activities that manifest in value-added outcomes with associated accounting for time, cost, and quality Controls Constraints on activities imposed by sources of regulation Sources of regulation may be identi ed as organizations that issue controlling laws, regulations, policies, guidance, plans, budgets, and schedules that de ne expectations for how work is done, and their accomplishments and attributes Controls may be self-imposed as in the case of business rules, for instance or may be externally imposed as in the case of laws and regulations Outputs All results that may be identi ed as accomplishments, products, assets, cost, and time consumed Outputs can be expressed as positive values or negative values In the production of goods and services, outputs will be a combination of positives and negatives with the difference being gain, pro t, or value Mechanisms Methods or procedures that enable work to be done as de ned by processes that include people and machines, ie, associated jobs and organizations as well as speci c equipment, hardware, and software (infrastructure) The precision with which executives and managers lead organizations to produce outcomes represents the enterprise brand and quality of management Management is responsible for designing the work, needed by the enterprise, to achieve prescribed outcomes Mature organizations comprise a collection of processes, people (organizations or bureaucracy), and technologies, otherwise known as systems, that evolved to their present state The collection of historical elements is referred to as legacy Legacy assets have varying degree of usefulness Some legacy assets have long life cycles; while others have short ones Life cycles may be extended through upgrade and change Legacy consumes resources to sustain and maintain it Legacy elements with depleted usefulness may represent targets for retirement or for footprint reduction This book was envisioned a year before the Obama inauguration in order to address the following main idea and supporting points:
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Main Idea Smart Data describes data that have been engineered to have certain superior characteristics which are a product of state-of-the-art data engineering discipline so that the data are interoperable and readily exchangeable among quali ed members of an enterprise user community Smart data is an executive strategy and tool for exacting higher performance enterprise-wide It operates leveraging state-of-the art infrastructure and enterprise services Smart data contributes to optimizing enterprise performance by providing a strategy that will vastly improve enterprise data resource management re ected in more ef cient and cost effective IT support, producing high impact results for executive and operations management users
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Supporting Points 1 Optimization of enterprise performance whereby enterprise data resource management is owned by executives and operations management users and not relegated to enabling technologists and information systems specialists 2 More ef cient and cost effective IT support performance is managed and evaluated by executives and users and directly correlated with results 3 High-impact results are engineered from the beginning through collaboration among executives, operations management, and enabling technologists 4 Measurements are meaningful and expressed in ways that tie directly to optimizing enterprise performance 5 A strategy and detailed plan is needed that includes roles, responsibilities, and accountability For the government, the plan must be understood by ultimate citizen consumers For commerce, the plan must be understood by employees, stakeholders, partners, investors, and ultimate consumers Today, enterprises are swamped in a sea of data and their vision and goal attainment are impaired by a fog of unwanted and unnecessary costs In addition, often infrastructure-processing and communication infrastructure cannibalizes operational budgets to the point that more resources are consumed by IT than by the direct mission This observation is substantiated by remarks by US Army CIO LTG Jeffrey Sorenson:
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While our purpose remains true, we were eclipsed by events The global economy collapsed and caused us to reprioritize our argument As a result, our case and appeal to our target audience of senior executives is strengthened We were on the right track, though may have underestimated the importance of our message
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Enterprises government and commercial are confronted by a failed nancial system, one that is overburdened by debt, confounded by regulatory de ciencies, and encumbered in production of capital needed to fuel commercial enterprise from which government enterprise raises taxes to operate Government nds itself in a position of needing to correct de ciencies while stimulating economic growth Our priority is improving enterprise management performance through smart data strategy and improving IT support performance
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ORGANIZATION OF THIS BOOK 1 present the big picture and introduce terminology and ideas that describe the relationship of data in the context of government and commercial enterprise Data are of paramount importance in this chapter and a paradigm introduced is called the Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE) that integrates topics as a basis from which we segregate and segue to focus on data in context with all the other moving parts Service-Oriented Enterprise implies that enterprises are about the business of
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