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decision from the Joint Chiefs as it affected all military services using the same weapon system Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan consumed executive bandwidth A directed strategy would likely fail because resources required for massive change are unavailable, and dictates are rarely successful As important, no one in a position of executive power was engaged to impose such a directive Thus this case must be characterized as an information technology-driven initiative by default As such, the program inherited strategic direction from the DoD data strategy [6]:
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The Data Strategy provides the basis for implementing and sharing data in a net-centric environment It describes the requirements for inputting and sharing data, metadata, and forming dynamic communities to share data Program managers and Sponsors/Domain Owners should comply with the explicit requirements and the intent of this strategy, which is to share data as widely and as rapidly as possible, consistent with security requirements Additional requirements and details on implementing the DoD Data Strategy are found in another section Speci c architecture attributes associated with this strategy that should be demonstrated by the program manager include:
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Data Centric Data separate from applications; applications talk to each other by posting data Focus on metadata registered in DoD Metadata Repository Only Handle Information Once Data is posted by authoritative sources and made visible, available, and usable (including the ability to re-purpose) to accelerate decision-making Focus on re-use of existing data repositories Smart Pull (Versus Smart Push) Applications encourage discovery; users can pull data directly from the net or use value added discovery services Focus on data sharing, with data stored in accessible shared space and advertised (tagged) for discovery Post in Parallel Process owners make their data available on the net as soon as it is created Focus on data being tagged and posted before processing Application (Community of Interest (COI) Service) Diversity Users can pull multiple applications (COI Services) to access same data or choose same applications (Core and COI Services) for collaboration Focus on applications (COI service) posting and tagging for discovery
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The presence of this strategy was powerful because it had been adopted by defense executives and was already on the books to guide our type of project The government customer placed certain requirements on solution development beginning with no big bang solution meaning make it something readily implementable with limited resources First, it was recognized that for the Army, Navy, and Sikorsky to replace all of their disparate legacy systems was out of the question The solution would have to be as noninvasive as possible Second, the solution would be a system of data exchange among all parties that assured accessibility to actionable data The creative vision for a solution was derived from working with the customer lead technical representative We envisioned creating an exchange server that would host a neutral exchange mechanism to which disparate users could map data for exchange to any other quali ed user in the community
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Needed was a basis for neutral exchange We characterized the data as being aircraft maintenance data that is a subset of weapon system data that is a subset of manufactured product data We were aware of an international standard for product data that has been under development for many years and that is generally characterized as applicable to this situation The ISO standard was identi ed as an asset worth leveraging since considerable DoD and Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) investment had already been sunk in the international initiative Europeans, principally the Norwegian Navy, have applied the standard, for instance, although no one had applied it to aircraft data or anything else in the DoD The International Standards Organization (ISO) addresses product data in the Product Life Cycle Support Standard, ISO 10303 ISO describes itself as a nongovernmental organization that forms a bridge between the public and private sectors On the one hand, many of its member institutes are part of the governmental structure of their countries, or are mandated by their government On the other hand, other members have their roots uniquely in the private sector, having been set up by national partnerships of industry associations [7] An application set within the standard addresses product maintenance data [8]
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ISO/TS 10303-1287:2005 speci es the application module AP239 activity recording The following are within the scope of this part of ISO 10303:
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recording the usage of a product; recording the maintenance activities on a product; recording the use of resources during usage of a product; recording the use of resources during the maintenance of a product; recording observations against a product or its support solution; relating the record of an activity to the work order, work request and work de nition from which it arose
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Sikorsky, the Army, and the Navy agreed that the ISO 10303 Product Life Cycle Support Standard AP 239 could serve as the basis for neutral exchange Breakthrough Discovery The breakthrough discovery from this effort is using common models as a medium for data exchange that is applicable to all defense enterprise integration problems centered on exchanging information based on rigid standards and brittle interfaces The Of ce of the Secretary of Defense stakeholder for this effort was the Unique Identi er (UID) Program Of ce UID is an effort by the DoD to put a unique identi er on parts of a certain value to increase asset visibility and to comply with congressional directives to improve asset control and management The stakeholder was interested in populating the UID repository with current con guration management data that would be generated from the data sharing solution
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