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The Wireless Pizzas
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From the business perspective, Mr Chairman of the Board considered the e-commerce incursion a done deal The next step was to conquer Europe, so a research trip was in order London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Rome were the compulsory stops The big surprise for Mr Chairman of the Board was that everybody in Europe seemed to have a mobile phone It is ubiquitous Not only that, the same phone in the UK worked seamlessly in France, Germany, Italy, and the rest of Europe As if it were not enough, coverage also reached South Africa, Australia, and China, to mention but few This is in stark contrast to the USA, which seems to be a couple of years behind Europe on this front This is mainly due to the fact that there are many different standards of transmission used by the mobile operators creating a fragmented market, which becomes even more fragmented because the operation licenses are granted by regions rather than countrywide In Europe the governments decided and imposed the GSM standard on the mobile operators and then granted countrywide licenses The other major difference is that whereas in the USA calls to mobile phones are paid by the person receiving the call, in Europe the calls are paid by the person initiating the call This is the reason why in Europe mobile phone numbers have separate and distinctive area codes You would think that this is a deterrent for making calls to mobile phones, but the Europeans already have to pay for local calls, which are metered and charged by time In the USA the basic monthly package includes unlimited local calls with no time limit This has fueled the success of the Internet in the USA The bottom line is that the rate of adoption and growth of mobile telephones in Europe has been incredible From taxi drivers in Athens to 10 year olds in Helsinki, everybody seems to have a mobile phone No longer it is a fashionable must-have object, but a true necessity of life Just spend a few minutes at the business lounge of any European airport and you will see how many people are chatting to their business partners and sending text messages, this revolution is set to continue with the use of the new WAP technology
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After experiencing this first hand, Mr Chairman of the Board found out that the biggest uptake of WAP so far has been among financial institutions, followed by businesses dealing in travel, hotels, retail, and entertainment Currently it is only the most up-to-the-minute users who actually use WAP, although this is expected to rise and eventually it will have the same social usage as normal mobile phones Mr Chairman of the Board knew that using WAP phones as an additional channel to order pizzas was going to be a business differentiator that would provide Pizza2Go with a good marketing tool with which to penetrate Europe The call was made and Mr Wonderboy got his marching orders A WAP front end was needed for the Pizza2Go system
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Wireless Application Protocol
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This protocol, widely known as WAP is designed to allow small portable devices to access the Internet The most popular implementation of WAP has so far been on mobile telephones, although it has also been used on pagers The WAP standard is maintained by an organization called the WAP Forum (wwwwapforumorg) The founding members of the WAP Forum are Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Phonecom (previously known as Unwired Planet) Currently in use is the WAP 11 version of the specifications, which will be described in this chapter Version 12 has been defined, but at the moment of this writing it is preliminary The major feature of version 12 is the push capability This allows an application to push information to a WAP device without the user of the device having to initiate the call; this may be useful for telling users when they have new e-mail, rather than having to connect to download it WAP is a set of protocols that allow the development of applications and services for mobile phones and other mobile devices The WAP Forum chose to design the standards by mimicking the current Internet standards The process can be described as taking the existing Internet standards and modifying them to meet the very specific needs of these devices and networks However, WAP is not the only group proposing an alternative standard for handling mobile devices, Lightweight and Efficient Application Protocol or LEAP proposes a standard that seems to be technically more sophisticated and efficient than WAP, but does not have the support of the of the large companies in this market, thus its future is unknown More information about LEAP can be found at http://wwwLeapForumorg/leap/indexhtml Additionally, you can find a very detailed and critical article on WAP from Rohit Khare at http://www4k-associatescom/IEEE-L7-WAP-BIGhtml Another technology, soon to be available in 2001 and already making waves, is GPRS This changes the way mobile phones connect to the carrier from a per call basis to a permanent connection where the billing occurs based on the number of packets transmitted (packet switched) GPRS will also increase the bandwidth to 64K from the current GSM data bandwidth of 96K; the maximum bandwidth available is 115k, although this has not been implemented anywhere yet The combination of both WAP 12 and GPRS will fuel the growth and usage of WAP devices still further There are however, currently a few problems with the wireless networks, specifically, less bandwidth, more latency, less connection stability and unpredictable availability Another very major concern is security - only the Nokia 7110 currently supports certificates, so most WAP sites are not inherently secure The first point that comes to mind is to increase the bandwidth, but this is not easy As you increase the bandwidth, the power consumption is also increased, and as you may already know, these devices do not have too much power to spare
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