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funding of US de cits is dependent on the con dence of foreign countries many new to the global nancial system of the mutual bene ts Dumping dollars may not be so far-fetched with the global economy and balance of nancial interests in major ux To prevent a nancial meltdown will require careful multilateral communication, coordination, and relationship building as soon as possible In this respect, the October 2008 meeting of G7 heads to discuss joint efforts to combat the crisis was encouraging, although concrete action will be needed in addition to supportive rhetoric Amid this turmoil the United States still can exert some control over this trajectory Currency values and exchange rates are tied to a mix of government and private sector practices and choices The US current account de cit, rooted in a stubborn trade gap (partially due to rising energy prices but also to heavy Asian and European imports, excessive defense costs tied to Iraq, and Middle Eastern oil imports, as well as interest payments on debt to foreigners) has ballooned in the last decade to roughly 5 to 6 percent of GDP The United States is tied into a codependency with many countries that fund its borrowing in order that their export-driven economies have the bene t of competitive exchange rates to sell their goods to Americans Although some analysts have characterized this relationship as an unspoken, unof cial Bretton Woods II, it is unstable The United States requires many countries (especially China and Japan) to continue purchasing US Treasury bonds, but these countries capacity, need, and willingness may not last forever If foreign investors or even just China stop buying dollars, this will not only spell trouble for the United States but also for the stability of the growing, entangled Macro Quantum economy To diffuse this risk, the United States needs to reduce its own governmental budget de cit and promote wider international agreement for currency and other economic adjustments that can help to rebalance trade ows The United States helped pioneer the liberal economic order in the postwar period and has been the global markets shepherd ever since No other nation has yet to emerge as a leader But this position is based on con dence, and global con dence in the United States may be eroding The dollar s slide between 2000 and 2008, coupled with the subprime and credit meltdowns, has left the United States economically vulnerable This situation must be addressed through
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Trade and Finance
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responsible public policies The United States dependency on foreign capital requires greater scal prudence from the government, which has amounted massive de cits under the Bush administration The most obvious area of retrenchment is in defense spending Our short but useful experience in the twenty- rst century underscores the need for balanced trade and investment ows Some suggest a new framework to limit exchange rate uctuations from their theoretical equilibrium values through close cooperation between policy makers in both older industrial and emerging markets something that has been the role of the G7 but now requires much broader participation We also need closer coordination of scal and monetary policy by large exporters (China, Japan, Gulf countries, and some in Europe) that might be encouraged to stimulate domestic demand and imports The US government could also encourage domestic savings plans, discourage rampant consumption, and enact policies to slow energy imports Of course, this won t be easy It will only work with radical changes in US domestic attitude and policies and a renewed emphasis on negotiation and collective coordination rather than unilateral control Perhaps the current global nancial stress will serve as a catalyst for such cross-border efforts As the world s largest creditor, the United States can easily bring the right parties to the table This should be supported by prudent domestic policies that could alleviate some market pressures In any event, the global system as well as the dollar s value and America s role as a nancial leader is visibly at stake
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