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32 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Avoided Emissions in the Production and Utilization of Sugar Cane, Sugar and Ethanol in Brazil: 1990 1994, Macedo, Copersucar Technological Centre, wwwmctgovbr/clima/ingles/comunic_old/coperalhtm 33 Gerry Shih, Cox News Service, Ohio Rides the Boom in Ethanol Production, Environmental Working Group, May 27, 2008, http://wwwewgorg/node/26611 34 Rain Forest Agribusiness, Rain Forest Action Network, http:// ranorg/campaigns/rainforest_agribusiness/spotlight/getting_real_ about_biofuels/ (last accessed June 2, 2008) 35 Facts and Figures: Water Use, UNESCO, http://wwwunesco org/water/iyfw2/water_useshtml (last accessed June 8, 2008) 36 Jessica Forrest, Protecting Ecosystems in a Changing World, World Resource Institute, July 2003, http://earthtrendswriorg/ features/view_featurephp theme=7& d=47 37 Worldwatch Institute, From Drinking Water to Disasters, Investing in Freshwater Ecosystems Is Best Insurance Policy, news release, July 11, 2005, http://wwwworldwatchorg/node/1819 38 Alex Veiga, Associated Press, LA Jurors Award $33 Million to Banana Workers in Pesticide Case, Panama-Guidecom, November 6, 2007, http://wwwpanama-guidecom/articlephp/20071106150552588 39 The Green Revolution refers to the spread of the use of pesticides, irrigation projects, synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, and highyield variety seeds outside the industrialized world in the 1960s 40 Indur Goklany, Fuels v Food, New York Post, April 17, 2008, http://wwwnypostcom/seven/04172008/postopinion/oped columnists/fuels_vs__food_106836htm 41 The Political Cost of In ation, Economist, April 4, 2008, http:// wwweconomistcom/displaystorycfm story_id=10987640 42 Malthus, the False Prophet, Economist, May 15, 2008, http://www economistcom/ nance/displaystorycfm story_id=11374623 43 Obesity and Overweight, World Health Organization, http:// wwwwhoint/dietphysicalactivity/publications/facts/obesity/en/ (last accessed June 6, 2008) 44 Heather Timmons, Indians Bristle at US Criticism on Food Prices, International Herald Tribune, May 13, 2008, http://wwwiht com/articles/2008/05/13/business/foodphp#
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45 Cornell University, US Could Feed 800 Million People with Grain That Livestock Eat, news release, August 7, 1997, http:// wwwnewscornelledu/releases/aug97/livestockhrshtml 46 Grain and Bear It, Economist, May 23, 2008, http://www economistcom/agenda/displaystorycfm story_id=11435966 47 The New Face of Hunger, Economist,April 17, 2008, http://www economistcom/opinion/displaystorycfm story_id=11049284 48 Ibid 49 Food Crisis: Soaring Prices Are Causing Hunger Around the World, Washington Post, March 14, 2008, A16 50 FAO Newsroom, Livestock a Major Threat to Environment, news release, November 29, 2006, http://wwwfaoorg/newsroom/en/news/2006/1000448/indexhtml 51 Innovations, State of the World 2008, Worldwatch Institute, http://wwwworldwatchorg/node/5567 52 Cornell University, US Could Feed 800 Million People 53 Blue in Green, Economist, December 10, 2007, http://www economistcom/research/articlesBySubject/displaystorycfm subjectid=7933604&story_id=10272759 54 Improving Water Management: Recent OECD Experience, OECD Policy Brief, February 2006 55 Ibid, 2 56 Brian Fagan, Learning from Our Arid Past, Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2008, http://wwwlatimescom/news/opinion/commentary/ la-oe-fagan29apr29,0,4871853story 57 Reuters, Drought, Food Prices Threaten Millions of Somalis, May 19, 2008, http://africareuterscom/top/news/usnBAN953741 html 58 Ryan Flimn, California Utility Imposes First Water Rationing in 16 Years, Bloomberg, May 14, 2008, http://wwwbloombergcom/ apps/news pid=20601103&sid=aXfOhojHqX8&refer=us 59 Fagan, Learning from Our Arid Past 60 Ibid 61 Tom Le Quesne, Guy Pegram, and Constantin Von Der Heyden, Allocating Scarce Water, WWF, April 2007 62 Alfalfa: The Thirstiest Crop, Natural Resources Defense Council, http://wwwnrdcorg/water/conservation/fcawaterasp
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63 Ibid 64 Ibid 65 US Geological Survey, Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 1995, US Geological Survey Circular 1200, Denver, Colorado, 1995 66 Abid Aslam, Protecting, Conserving Water Resources Could Save Communities Immense Sums Report, One World US, July 20, 2005, http://wwwcommondreamsorg/headlines05/0720-05 htm 67 Nature s Water Factories Under Threat, People and Planet, August 5, 2005, http://wwwpeopleandplanetnet/doc php id=2513 68 Barrie Stevens, Assessing the Risks, OECD Observer, http:// wwwoecdobserverorg/news/fullstoryphp/aid/1808/Assessing_ the_riskshtml 69 World Health Organization 2007 gures 70 Improving Water Management 71 Water and Violent Con ict, OECD Issues Brief 72 Robie I Samanta Roy, India-Bangladesh Water Dispute, November 1997, http://wwwamericanedu/ted/ice/indobang htm 73 Ibid 74 The Coming Wave, Economist, June 5, 2008, http://www economistcom/search/displaystorycfm story_id=11482565 75 The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2006, Food and Agriculture Organization, http://wwwfaoorg/docrep/007/ y5600e/y5600e05htm 76 Ibid 77 Ibid 78 Worldwatch Institute, SOS for Fading Ocean Life, news release, 2008, http://wwwworldwatchorg/node/5360 79 State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2006, FAO 80 Originally occurring every two to three years, the Gulf of Mexico dead zone now appears every spring, linked to the increased use of chemical fertilizers In the spring, fresh thaws increase the ow of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers into the Gulf The watershed for the Mississippi River covers 41 percent of the continental
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