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enough food to go around We must reassess our land use especially forestry, biofuel, and agriculture practices to ensure we are getting the most out of this precious resource
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Forests: Growing Money on Trees
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The value of world trade in wood forest products alone exceeded $200 billion in 200720 An estimated 60 million people live in the rainforests of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa An additional 350 million people are directly dependent on forest resources for subsistence or income, and 12 billion people in developing countries use trees on farms to generate food and cash21 Yet the Earth s overall forest cover continues to steadily decline Forests are essential for global carbon sequestration and soil retention They are also a major pillar of local ecosystems, providing shade, shelter, and nourishment for animals, plants, and people With the loss of forests, scientists fear not only the loss of peoples livelihoods and biodiversity but also the exacerbation of global warming While forest losses have stabilized in the G7 over the past 50 years, 50,000 square miles of tropical forest are being cleared every 12 months That is a size equivalent to Mississippi or more than half of Britain22 The burning and clearing of forests contributes more than one- fth of total global greenhouse gas emissions more than the emissions of all of the world s cars, trucks, trains, and planes combined23 We are living in a borderless world and what happens to forests and forestry in one country is very much dependent on what happens in other countries, whether it is increasing demand for wood and wood products, logging bans, taxes on exports, changes in exchange rates, invasive species, or a host of other trans-boundary issues, explains Jan Heino of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)24 Biodiversity has suffered tremendously from the declining forests More species are under threat than ever before, according to the World Conservation Union Its Red List, published in September 2007, warns that 16,306 of 41,415 species are under threat of extinction, nearly 200 more than in 2005 and a steady increase from the rst report in 199625 Many of these species provide critical goods and services in their habitats Of the threatened gure, almost 1,200 species are birds26 That means roughly 12 percent of the world s 9,800 bird species
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may face extinction within the next century27 Birds disperse seeds, control insect and rodent populations, and pollinate plants providing essential services in the food chain In addition to deforestation s long-term costs, ecosystem degradation comes with very real immediate human and nancial costs The burning of 10 million hectares of Indonesia s forests in 1997 resulted in additional health care costs of $93 billion and affected some 20 million people28 Considering the costs to replant old growth forests as well as the human costs associated with deforestation, you probably paid less for the teak table in your living room than you should have Legislation imposing the cost of replanting trees on logging companies would eventually pass the true higher price along to the consumer and curb incentives to overconsume
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Biofuels: Are They the Answer
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An increasingly substantial amount of forest is cleared to grow crops such as corn, soy, and sugarcane that can be converted to biofuels (thus reducing our fossil fuel reliance) Agribusiness companies are rapidly expanding fuel crop plantations into the Amazon rainforest and other tropical ecosystems throughout South America, Southeast Asia, the Paci c, and Africa The expansion of palm oil (a source of biodiesel) farming is the primary cause of deforestation in Indonesia, where forests are disappearing at a rate of more than 28 million hectares a year an area half the size of Belgium29 In other parts of the world, logging companies convert forests into sugarcane, corn, and other ethanol imputs30 While bioenergy is seen as part of the solution to climate change, sustainable use of bioenergy requires balancing many factors, including competition between food security and energy security, allocation of scarce water resources, effects on poverty and rural development, as well as the impacts on the biodiversity A study commissioned by the Swiss government examined 26 biofuels and identi ed striking differences in the environmental costs of different crops31 According to the study, fuels made from US corn, Brazilian soy, and Malaysian palm oil actually may be worse than fossil fuels in terms of greenhouse gas emissions per unit of energy created (see Table 73) Biofuels from residual products, such as recycled
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