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is thought that 50 percent of all pharmaceutical drugs sold in Asia are counterfeit, with the two largest producer countries being China and India Producers have become increasingly sophisticated in their techniques, making it very dif cult to tell the difference between the real drugs and the fake ones The potential damage that can be caused by these fake drugs is frightening One of the problems with the fake drugs is their contribution to super-strains of diseases that are resistant to antibiotic treatment When a phony drug contains a small amount of a needed medication, it allows the disease to develop a resistance to the real drug Such strains of superbugs that exist today include cholera, salmonella, tuberculosis, and malaria, just to name a few Another aspect of the fake drug industry is criminality and associated deaths Returning to the example of malaria, approximately 15 million people (90 percent of them being children) died from the disease in 200557 While we may never know how many of these people received fake drugs, it goes without question that at least some of them did Similarly, at least four infants in China died in 2008 and tens of thousands of others were sickened because the baby formula given to them was laced with the industrial chemical melamime (http://wwwtime com/time/world/article/0,8599,1844750,00html) The producers of the phony, antimalarials and baby formula should be held accountable for contributing to the deaths Individual countries have been unable to control the growth of trade in false pharmaceuticals, and the penalties for being caught producing them have been kept minimal Not only do the rami cations for participating in this industry need to be made more severe, but the international community also needs to come together to protect people from this threat to public safety and global health
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Health and Its Interlinkages
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In the Macro Quantum world, health is linked to virtually every other policy area, including trade, security, immigration, and environment With more trade comes the likelihood of greater health risks related to goods that cross borders In March of 2007, more than 100 brands of
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Promoting Tomorrow s Health
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pet food were recalled when they were found to contain wheat gluten imported from China that contained a chemical known as melamine In the summer of 2007, toothpaste containing diethylene glycol, a toxic chemical used in engine coolants, was found in exports from China to Panama, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Australia58 The scares have continued as toys containing hazardous levels of lead were also recalled in developed countries Fortunately, in countries such as the United States, which enjoy organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a large number of these products have been found, recalled, and sent back to China Nonetheless, the fact that these products have even made it to the shelves of importing countries points to a blatant gap in international trade Despite international regulations it appears that there is nobody doing the regulating China is not the only country at fault A growing pattern has been emerging According to the WHO, there are a number of trade-offs inherent in the globalization process that need to be resolved, taking full account of their health dimensions 59 This includes, for example, the trade-off between food and safety regulations in developed countries and the export prospects of low-income countries Consider China, where, in order to compete globally, regulations regarding the production of exported items are much more stringent than those for products destined for its domestic market In light of the number of tainted products that have emerged even within the past year from China, this is cause for concern for both export markets and for the health of the Chinese population itself Similarly, the developed world has been accused of pushing more dangerous industries into the laps of developing nations Rich nations seem comfortable outsourcing hazardous industries to lower income countries, notably to export processing zones (EPZs)60 While supranational organizations may give the appearance of playing a supervisory role in protecting the rights of workers in these countries, laissez-faire policies have a tendency to rule the day, putting the health and even the lives of many workers at risk Health has turned into a security issue deeply embedded in the foreign policies of many countries to address varied threats including everything from SARS and avian in uenza to bioterrorism As a result, health has become a foreign policy and security issue61 The subsequent dedication of large portions of foreign policy budgets to health-related elds
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