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average cost, 206(d) FIFO, 206(b) LIFO, 206(c) other assumptions, 206(f) speci c identi cation, 206(e) mining company, 297(c) OBS nancing techniques, 164(c)(vii) overview, 201 tax regulations effect, 208 capitalization of indirect costs, 208(b) introduction, 208(a) write-downs, 208(c) types of, 203 consignment, 203(c) contract production, 203(f) manufacturing, 203(b) miscellaneous, 203(i) products maturing in more than one year, 203)g) repossessed, 203(e) retail-wholesale, 203(a) spare parts, 203(h) trade-in, 203(d) valuation methods, 205 above cost, 205(d) control procedures, 205(i) cost, 205(a) gross margin method, 205(g) lower of cost or market, 205(b) net realizable value, 205(f) purchase business combination, 205(h) replacement cost, 205(e) retail method, 205(c) Investigative services, bankruptcy, 457(d) See also Forensic accounting/litigation consulting Investment Advisors Act (1940), 12(a)(i), 12(a)(vi), 31(a), 31(b) Investment banks, 311(c)(v) Investment companies, 311(c)(iii), 314 accounting for, 314(c) background, 314(a) exemption, SFAS No 95, 141(d)(iv) lings, 314(f) nancial reporting, 314(d) fund operations, 314(b) offshore funds, 314(h) partnerships, 314(g) scope of SFAS No 95, 146 SEC statutes, 314(a)(i) taxation, 314(e) types of, 314(a)(ii)
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Investment Company Act of 1940, 12(a)(vi), 31(a), 31(b) Investment Management, SEC Division of, 31(b) Investments, see also Loans analysis of, 163(o) cash classi cation, 141(g)(i) debt securities, 185 health care industry, 363(l) not-for-pro ts, 352(h), 352(i) OBS nancing techniques, 164(c)(vii) statement of cash ows, 106(b) Investment scams, 492 Investment tax credit, 243 background and introduction, 243(a) conceptual approaches/controversy, 243(b) Conceptual Framework, 22(c)(ii) deferral method, 243(c) nancing leases, 243(e) ow-though method, 243(d) utilities, 3311(a)(vii) Investor Education and Assistance, SEC Of ce of, 31(b) IRS, see Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 497 IT staff forensic procedures access to, forensic hardware and software tools, 4814 Job-order costing, 205(a)(i) Joint Ethics Enforcement Program (JEEP), 14(a)(iii), 14(b) Joint ventures, 421(b), 428 See also Partnerships accounting by, 428(b) accounting for investments in, 428(c) combination of methods, 428(c)(ii) nancial statements presentation, 428(c)(i) income tax issues, 428(c)(iii) current developments, 428(d) de nition, 428(a) health care industry, 363(t)(v) OBS nancing techniques, 164(c)(vii) Land, see Property/plant/equipment; Real estate industry Last in/ rst out inventory (LIFO), 206(c) and business combinations, 123(g)(iii) dollar-value method, 206(c)(ii) double-extension technique, 206(c)(iii) and interim nancial reporting, 153(c)(ii), 153(c)(iii)
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Last in/ rst out inventory (LIFO) (Continued) link-chain technique, 206(c)(iv) lower of cost or market considerations, 205(b)(i) new items, 206(c)(vii) other matters, 206(c)(viii) retail LIFO method, 206(c)(v) speci c goods method, 206(c)(i) valuing current-year layer, 206(c)(vi) Lawsuits, see Forensic accounting/litigation consulting LBO, see Leveraged buyout (LBO) Lease(s), 231 2312 accounting issues/pronouncements, 232 business combinations, 2310(f) classi cation, lessee, 232(a) classi cation, lessor, 232(b) de nitions of terms, 232(c) executory contracts, 2310(j) provision changes, 2310(d) related parties, 2310(b) renewal/extension/termination, 2310(e) residual value change, 2310(g) sale and leaseback, 2310(h) subleases, 2310(c) third party, 2310(a) advantages/disadvantages of, 231 assignment of purchase price to, 123(g)(vi) background and introduction, 231 capital leases, 234 accounting for, 234(a) disclosure, 234(b) example, 234(c) de nitions of terms, 232(c) direct nancing leases, 235 accounting for, 235(a) example, 235(b) sale or assignment of property subject to, 237 disclosures, examples, 2311 health care industry, 363(o) intangible asset accounting (favorable leases/leasehold rights) amortization, 225(d)(ii) capitalizable amounts, 225(d)(i) investment credits and nancing, 242(e) leveraged, 238 accounting, 238(a) disclosures, 238(b) as liabilities (long-term), 258(c) operating, 233 example, 233(d) lessee accounting, 233(a)
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lessee disclosures, 233(b) lessor accounting, 233(c) real estate, 239 building part, 239(a) land and buildings, 239(b) land and equipment, 239(c) land only, 239(a) sales-type, 236 accounting for, 236(a) example, 236(b) revenue recognition, 194(a)(i) sale or assignment of property subject to, 237 selected transaction guidance, 2310(i) Legacies: abatement, 431(i)(xix) deductions, 431(i)(xx) lapsed, 431(i)(xxi) payment, 431(i)(xviii) Leveraged buyout (LBO) accounting for, 124(d) illustrated, 124(h) carrying amount determining, 124(f) limitation on, 124(g) change in control, 124(e) no change in control, 124(e)(iii) objective criteria, 124(e)(i) subjective criteria, 124(e)(ii) de nition, 124(a) as fraudulent transfer, 453(h)(i) historical perspective, 124(c) IASC standard No 22, 124(i) structure, 124(b) nancing arrangements, 124(b)(iii) legal form, 124(b)(i) management participation, 124(b)(ii) tax considerations, 124(b)(iv) Leveraged leases, 238 accounting for, 238(a) disclosures, 238(b) SFAS No 109, 242(c)(ii) Liabilities, 251 2511 See also Liabilities, current; Liabilities, long-term accounts payable, trade, 253(c) balance sheet, 103(b) business combinations assignment of purchase price to, 123(g)(xii) identifying acquired, 123(f) credit balance, not liabilities, 251(a)(ii) de nition, 251(a)
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