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classi ed when violation is waived, 256(d) compositions with creditors, 256(e) defaulted, 256(c) induced conversion, 256(l) before maturity, 256(f) payment at maturity, 256(a) payment by refunding, 256(i) settlement after maturity, 256(b) sinking funds, 256(h) subscription rights/warrants sold with bonds, 256(n) treatment/reissue of Treasury bonds, 256(g) when to refund, 256(j) serial bonds, 255(f) Breach of contract litigation, 466(a)(i) Broadcast industry: intangible assets, 226(d), 226(e) revenue recognition, 194(b)(ii), 194(b)(v) Brokers/securities dealers, 311(c)(viii) Business combinations, 121 125, 131(a) 134, 131(b) See also Consolidations allocation of purchase price, 132(c) background, 121 book and tax base differences, 132(d) cash ow statement guidance, 142(i) comparative nancial statements, 131(b) consolidated balance sheet at date of combination, 131(e), 134 consolidated nancial statements after date of combination, 131(g)(i), 131(e) SEC rules, 131(g)(iii) consolidation overview, 131(a) costs of acquisitions, 132(b) equity method, 131(d), 133 foreign currency translation, 131(c), 132 health care industry, 363(u) intangibles valuation, 222(a) inventory valuation, 205(h) leases and, 2310(f) leveraged buyout, 124 method of acquisition, 132(a) pension plan accounting, 383(g) physician practice management company (PPM), 364(c)(ii) purchased goodwill, 134(b) purchase method, 123, 132(g) scope, 122 SFAS No 109, 242(c)(iii)
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summary of major pronouncements, 134 types of business combinations, 131(b) Business interruption, litigation, 466(a)(ii) Business Roundtable, 13(a)(vi) By-product sales, 196(f) Cable television: intangible assets, 226(e) revenue recognition, 194(b)(ii) Capitalization: analysis of, 164(c)(ii) lm costs, 323(a) nance company debt analysis, 168(f) table, 164(c)(iii) Capital leases, 234 accounting for, 234(a) disclosure, 234(b) example, 234(c) Capital maintenance, FASB concepts, 23(b)(iv) Capital projects funds, 344(g)(iv) Capital resources, MD&A requirements/examples, 82(b)(iii), 81(c)(iv) Capital structure, disclosure, 108(b)(v) Cash, see also Debt securities; Equity securities; Investments; Loans compensating cash balances, 182(f) balance sheet segregation, 182(f)(ii) note disclosure method, 182(g)(i) de nition, 182(b) nature and importance of, 181(a) not-for-pro t basis, 352(b) problems of accounting/control, 181(b) treatment in published nancial statements, 181(a) balance sheet classi cation, 185(a) bank overdrafts, 182(d) compensating cash balances, 182(f) concentration of credit risk, 182(h) disclosure of unused lines of credit, 182(g)(ii) fair value disclosures, 182(i) foreign balances, 182(e) form of presentation, 182(c) misrepresented cash balances, 181(c) restricted cash, 182(c) Cash dividends, 277(g) Cash ow, statement of, 141 147 analysis of, 165 comparing cash ows, 165(b) direct versus indirect methods, 165(a) background, 141(b)
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Cash ow, statement of (Continued) bankruptcy, 455(f)(ii) banks and savings institutions, 312(l)(iii) classi cation of cash receipts and payments, 141(g) additional guidance in, 141(g)(v) components of cash ows from operating activities, 141(g)(iv) nancing activities, 141(g)(ii) investing activities, 141(g)(i) operating activities, 141(g)(iii) direct method conversion from indirect, operating cash ow, 143(c) presentation guidance, 142(a) worksheet technique, 143(a) disclosures, 145 cash ows per share, 145(b) summary, 145(a) FASB Concept Statements, 23(b)(v), 13(a)(v) nancing activities, 106(c) focus on cash and cash equivalents, 141(e) balance sheet correspondence, 141(e)(iii) cash, 141(e)(i) cash equivalents, 141(e)(ii) restricted cash, 141(e)(iv) foreign currency, 144 consolidating foreign operations, 144(a) determining exchange gain/loss modi ed by SFAS No 95, 144(d) exchange rate gains/losses, 144(c) presentation of effects of exchange rate changes on cash balance, 144(b) transactions, 144(e) translation of foreign operations (case), 144(f) gross and net cash ows, 141(f) health care industry, 365(f) health/welfare organizations, voluntary, 353(a)(i), 353(a)(iv) indirect method presentation guidance, 142(b) surveys of adjustments, 142(d) worksheet technique, 143(b) investing activities, 106(b) objectives, 141(c) operating activities, 106(a) presentation guidance, 142 accounting changes and prior period adjustments, 142(h)
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business combinations, 142(i) direct method, 142(a) discontinued operations, 142(f) extraordinary items, 142(g) indirect method, 142(b) noncash transactions, 142(e) reconciliation of net cash ows from operating activities to net income, 142(e) pronouncements, 141(a) SFAS No 95 scope, 141(d) exemption, de ned bene t plans, 141(d)(iii) exemption, investment companies, 141(d)(iv) nancial institutions, 141(d)(i) not-for-pro t organizations, 141(d)(ii) special industries, 146 worksheet techniques, 143 Cash ow hedges, see under Derivatives and hedge accounting Casino-motels, income statement requirements, 118(c) Caterpillar Inc case, 82(c)(i) Certi ed Internal Auditor, 11(d)(ii), 11(d)(iii) Certi ed Management Accountant (CMA), 11(d)(ii), 11(d)(iii) Certi ed Public Accounting (CPA), 497 competency standards, 11(d)(ii), 11(d)(iii), 11(e)(i) ethics, 12(c) examination, 14(a)(iii) licensing, 12(c) CFO, see Chief Financial Of cer (CFO), 496 Chain of custody documentation, 4816 traditional chain of custody paperwork, 4816 Changes, accounting: auditor s role, 155(a) in estimates, 115(d) income statement, 115 interim nancial statements, 153(g) materiality, 115(f) reporting entity, 115(d) 11 bankruptcy, see Bankruptcy, 11 Charity care, 363(h) Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry Co v Minnesota, 332(b) Chief Auditor and Professional Standards, 53(b) board, advising on standards-setting, 53(b) of ce of, 53(b)
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