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It is no longer necessary to wait until fraud symptoms become so egregious as to be observed to detect fraud Fraud can now be detected either through inductive search for red ags or through deductive, strategic fraud detection Once fraud occurs, there are no winners Everyone, including the victim organization, the perpetrators, the auditors, and others, loses These losses are minimized if fraud can be detected early Every accountant should understand both the importance of fraud detection and the nature of fraud symptoms Frauds will never be eliminated completely, but those who understand the nature of fraud and how to detect its occurrence will minimize their losses and, it is hoped, avoid expensive lawsuits, negative exposure, and nancial losses
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Above cost inventory valuation, 205(d) Accelerated lers complying to rst scal year, 43(a)(i) Accepted principles of accounting, 22(a)(i) Accountants/CPAs, 472 testifying experts, rate of challenges, 472 Accountants, see also Auditors; Certi ed public accountant accounting services nonpublic companies, 281(c)(i) public companies, 281(c)(ii) auditing services, 281(b) compilation and review services, 285 consulting services, 281(d)(ii) forensic accounting/litigation, 463, 464, 467(a) fraudulent nancial reporting and misappropriations, 493 interim nancial reporting, 155, 284(d) involved in fraud detection, 493 quali cations to practice before SEC, 31(g) regulations, 11(d) reporting change in, 36(b)(iv) services classi cations, 281(a) special services, 281(d)(iii) tax services, 281(d)(i) understanding client s relationship with, regulators, 497 Accountants International Study Group (AISG), 92(a) Accounting estimate, changes in, 115(c) Accounting rms, 498 savings and loan (S&L) industry, 498 Accounting policies, disclosure, 108(a)(i) Accounting principles, 42 nancial statements, preparation of, 42 unauthorized acquisition, detection of, 42 Accounting Principles Board (APB), 21(a), 22(c), 13(a)(i) end of, 21(a), 22(c)(iii) investment credit and Seidman Committee, 22(c)(ii) Opinions No 2 Accounting for the Investment Credit, 22(c)(ii) No 4 Amending No 2, 22(c)(ii) No 9 Reporting the Results of Operations, 22(b)(ii) No 16 Business Combinations, 22(c)(iii) No 17 Intangible Assets, 22(c)(iii) No 25, see under Stock-based compensation postulates and principles, 22(c)(i) Statement No 4 Basic Concepts and Accounting Principles, 22(c)(i), 22(c)(ii), 22(c)(iii), 22(d)(i), 23(a)(i), 23(a)(ii), 23(a)(iii) Accounting Research Bulletins (ARBs), 21(a) Accounting standards, 495 and fraud literature, 495 detecting fraud, 495 Conceptual Framework and, 22(b)(ii) No 7 Report of the Committee on Terminology, 22(a)(ii) No 23 Accounting for Income Taxes, 22(b)(ii) No 32 Income and Earned Surplus, 22(b)(ii) No 33 Depreciation and High Costs, 22(b)(ii) No 35 Presentation of Income and Earned Surplus, 22(b)(ii) No 41 Presentation of Income and Earned Surplus (Supplement), 22(b)(ii) No 43 Restatement and Revision of Accounting Research Bulletins, 22(a)(i), 22(b)(ii) No 44 Declining-balance Depreciation, 22(b)(ii) Accounting Research Study (ARS) No 1 Basic Postulates of Accounting, 22(c)(i) No 3 Tentative Set of Broad Accounting Principles for Business Enterprises, 22(c)(i)
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Accounting Research Study (Continued) No 5 Critical Study of Accounting for Business Combinations, 22(c)(iii) No 7 Inventory of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, 22(c)(i) No 10 Accounting for Goodwill, 22(c)(iii) Accounting Series Release (ASR) No 4 Administrative Policy on Financial Statements, 22(a)(ii), 12(a)(i) Accounting Standards Board (ASB), 14(a)(ii) Accounting Standards Executive Committee (AcSEC), 14(a)(ii) Accounting Terminology Bulletins (ATBs), 21(a) No 1 Review and R sum , 22(a)(ii), e e 22(b)(ii) Accretion, revenue recognition, 191(d)(ii) Accrual accounting: FASB concept statement, 23(b)(iii) nancial statements, 102(b)(v) not-for-pro ts, 352(b) Acquisitions, seeBusiness combinations Activity ratios, 164(b)(ii), 169 Adobe Corporation, 488 Portable Document Format (PDF), development of, 488 Administrative Law Judges, SEC Of ce of, 31(b) Advertising, 225(o) Advisory Groups, 53(c) Standing Advisory Group, 53(c) Affordable housing projects, tax bene ts, 308(d) Agriculture, revenue recognition, 191(d)(ii) AICPA, see American Institute of Certi ed Public Accountants (AICPA), 51 Airlines, 226(a) All-inclusive income versus Avoiding distortion of periodic income, 22(b)(ii) Allocation, 62 American Accounting Association (AAA), 11(e)(iii), 14(e) Conceptual Framework and, 22(b)(ii) theoretical basis for rules and procedures, 22(b)(i) American Institute of Certi ed Public Accountants (AICPA), 11(d)(iii), 11(e)(iii), 14(a), 51, 56(b) APB and investment credit, 22(c)(ii) Committee on Accounting Procedure, 22(b) disclosure recommendations, 108(a)(vii) ethics, 14(a)(iii) examinations, 14(a)(iii)
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generally accepted auditing standards, 56(b) health care audit guide, 362(e) litigation consulting, 464 MD&A, 81(b), 83 name changed to, 22(c) quality control for rms, performing audits, 51 Rule 101 of, AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and related interpretations and rulings and Independence Standards Board Standards Nos 1, 2, and 3, 56(b) Rule 102 of, AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and related interpretations and rulings, 56(b) Special Committee on Co-operation with Stock Exchanges, 22(a) standard-setter for audits, 52 state boards of accountancy, 52 statements on quality control standards, 56(b) and certain AICPA SEC Practice Section Requirements of Membership, 56(b) Statement of Position (SOP) 94 6, 83 Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements, 81(b) structure, 14(a)(i) technical standards, 14(a)(ii) American Stock Exchange, 12(a)(i) Amortization: lm costs, 323(b) intangible assets, 224(b), 224(c) copyrights, 225(a)(ii) customer/supplier lists, 225(b)(ii) franchises, 225(c)(i) lease/leasehold rights, 225(d)(ii) patents, 225(f)(ii) trademarks/trade names, 225(n)(ii) pension plans, 382(d)(iv) 382(d)(vi) real estate receivables, 302(e)(ii) Analysis of nancial statements, see Financial statement analysis Ancillary revenue, 196 Annual report to stockholders, 34(q) Form 10-K (SEC), 34(q) content, 34(q)(ii) nancial statements included in, 34(q)(i) reporting on management and audit committee responsibilities, 34(q)(iii) summary annual reports, 34(q)(iv) Annuities, see Pension plans, sponsor accounting
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