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There is one additional point to be mentioned about these processes before we discuss the analysis process itself Many attorneys and investigators would like to be able to review all of the electronic data relevant to a case in a single uni ed process They would prefer to nd, sort, search, and review e-mail and attachments, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and nancial data all from a single computer terminal While we are closer to this goal today than ever before, this is still generally not practical in most cases The reason is that the electronic les associated with certain types of data do not lend themselves to the same processes as simple word processing or spreadsheet les For example, e-mail messages are generally not stored as distinct les but instead are aggregated into a data store generally thought of as the user s mailbox Searches across all of the les on a user s hard drive will hit very often on these e-mail data stores, but that is generally useless to the investigator because he or she is interested in which e-mail contained the relevant data The only way to answer that question is to parse the e-mail le and search across all the individual e-mail messages and attachments The same problem exists with respect to compressed volumes such as ZIP and TAR les,25 databases, and various other le types As a practical matter this generally means that the processing of electronic data necessarily happens on parallel tracks, with e-mail and other special le types being handled separately from other simpler le types Within each track, similar (but not identical) processes are performed In some cases the results of these separate processing streams can eventually be brought together into a uni ed review or presentation tool But the exigencies of modern litigation practice, combined with the very large volumes of data associated with electronic discovery, often dictate that data reviews begin as soon as any data is available rather than waiting for multiple processes to be completed
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While the analysis process deployed in each case tends to depend on the facts at issue, the nature of the available evidence, and the resources of the examining party, most computer forensic investigations involve undertaking at least some of the processes described below (a) DE-DUPLICATION One of the problems for forensic examiners is that multiple copies of various materials may be recovered as part of the investigative process Because of the expense involved in reviewing such duplicative materials, de-duplication of the recovered data sets is often the rst order of business after the data has been copied and the acquisition documentation has been completed One might suspect that de-duplication would be a straightforward process; however, there are several variations of the process that need to be considered before the work can begin First the examiner must decide what quali es as a duplicate Do all of the elds of data need to match exactly, or should two e-mail messages be considered duplicates if the subject and body are identical without regard to the date and routing information If you require all of the data to match exactly, then any message with a bcc will appear at least twice since the bcc eld will only show up in the bcc recipient s mailbox and not in the other recipients Similarly, if the time stamp is off by a second, the message will appear more than once in the review data Second, the practitioner must decide which universe of documents should be subjected to deduping Consider an investigation involving the e-mail of 25 employees, one e-mail server, and four sets of backup tapes There are likely to be at least six sets of data available for each employee (four sets of mail from the backup tapes, one set from each individual s of ce computer, and one from the active server), and there could be many more depending on a variety of variables (ie, data from one or more additional laptop or desktop computers, Blackberry devices, pagers, e-mail-enabled cell phones, home PCs, etc)
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ZIP is a le format where the les are compressed (referred to as zipped) Using a le compression program (eg, PKZip for DOS, or Winzip for Windows), a ZIP le could be created from one or more original les TAR is a Unix archive le format TAR les may also be compressed
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