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Doing your research
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No matter what investment type you re leaning toward, you need to do your homework If you re going to find properties with the potential to meet your needs and expectations, you need to not only know where to look, but also understand the specific trends affecting the asset classes (groupings of specific categories of assets, such as office properties, according to relative value) and properties that interest you Media outlets like your newspaper s real estate section are helpful in highlighting some of the trends affecting real estate, but don t overlook industry reports from real estate brokerages and their brokers, as well as most major financial institutions The reports, usually available online or from the companies themselves, typically highlight sales and leasing trends and the factors affecting real estate activity Associations for building owners, developers, and landlords are also useful sources of information, whether through newsletters or regular meetings We discuss reliable sources of information at greater length in 17
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Selecting Advisers
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Even if you re relatively certain you don t want any partners in your real estate venture, you shouldn t go it completely alone (See 3 for a look at the challenges you may face in a partnership) You need a team of advisers who will offer support and challenge your assumptions to make sure you stay on the right track as you pursue your investment goals
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Part I: Understanding Real Estate
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You ll want several people with different sets of expertise on board, each with a particular contribution to make At various times during your real estate investing career you might consult a real estate agent, a lawyer, an appraiser, an accountant, and a financial planner In this section, we explain why you re only as good as the people who surround you, and offer some tips on selecting them including some leads on organizations that can help you find the professional who s right for you
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The criteria
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Knowing what to look for when you re sizing up potential members of your advisory team is important and we re not just talking about qualifications and experience Just because a real estate agent is good for one person doesn t mean the same person is going to be a match for you Although references from family and friends can help, criteria for choosing your team of trusted advisers go beyond qualifications and experience to include personality, professional competence, and fees You re going to have to depend on your interviewing skills, because, let s face it, you won t get along with everybody and some good questions may help you figure out who s right and who s wrong for you Draft some questions that will provide a basis for interviewing your potential advisers Don t be afraid to ask tough questions the answers you get might prompt you to think twice about the candidate and steer you away from trouble before it finds you We don t recommend something as formal (or as harsh) as the Spanish Inquisition, just a thorough but relaxed interview that makes candidates feel comfortable You want them to open up and tell you how they can help you References and word-of-mouth referrals are particularly important when selecting any adviser who will be taking an overall approach to your financial affairs Ask for professional references and then contact those professionals and ask about the adviser s strong attributes and any professional weak points Also, ask how long the individuals have been dealing with each other Don t ask for or expect an adviser to provide you with a list of clients, as this would breach confidentiality A short-list of three candidates will help you compare the relative merits of each, as well as provide alternatives in case your top choice falls through
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