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Gauging your needs
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Here s our best advice when it comes to selling an investment property: Know your goals These may dictate your willingness to accept a range of offers, the degree of variation you ll accept, and how far you re willing to go to strike a deal Your goals may also help you feel comfortable accepting less for the property than you might otherwise, if, say, exiting a sour partnership is the priority For example, if you re selling a piece of property to finance a new business venture, you may wish to sell only so much as will garner you the amount you need Or, if you re selling an entire property and that isn t enough, you may want to consider a more creative deal structure You may own a property that s also a business, such as a bed-and-breakfast or a gift shop You may consider selling the property but striking a deal that allows you to stay on as manager until you ve recouped the amount you hoped to secure The urgency of your needs may also prompt you to accelerate a sale, taking a lower price for a property than you might have hoped because a better opportunity awaits or the cash flow on the operation isn t panning out for you Divesting yourself of the property may deliver a better return than holding it till you receive a better offer Cutting your loss of sleep over a bad investment sometimes means taking a loss on the financial side
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Part IV: Building Value: Managing Your Investment and Seeing a Return
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Sonny, a streetsmart investor friend of Doug s, includes the tax implications of any capital gains possible from a sale in his marketing plans Sonny strives to sell properties on which he expects significant capital gains in a year where he has seen significant losses on other investments The losses offset the capital gains on Sonny s real estate investments, ensuring even bad investments deliver a benefit On the other hand, Peter has seen investors quibble over the list price for a property they want to sell only to have the market drop in the meantime, rendering the discussion of the list price moot and guaranteeing that nobody gets what they want not the folks who want to sell high, and not the folks who want to sell immediately Everyone loses when it comes to the closing price, and we won t even mention the added stress
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Gauging the market
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As we discuss in the previous section, your circumstances may dictate that you can t wait until a market turns favourable to turn over your property Ideally, you want to sell during a seller s market, when buyers are plentiful in relation to the supply of available properties and prices are rising with demand The cyclical nature of the real estate market means a seller s market won t always exist, however Gauging when to enter the market takes research, something we discuss in 9, but if you re serious about selling you may want to test the waters to see what the market will bear An appraiser can help you judge the several market factors that could come to bear on your property, and the Realtor you enlist to handle the sale can flag the property to potential buyers and see if any bite Any offers received during these preliminary forays into the market could go firm Regardless of when you go to market with a property, whether it s a case of soft-pedalling it or a full-on market blitz to find a buyer, don t forget to be professional Bringing a property to market too often can give it a well-worn scent that doesn t wash with buyers In fact, you may need to wash off the scent of disinterest before a sale actually takes place! If that s the case, be prepared to give the property a dramatic facelift, or, more simply, wait till the market s forgotten its previous inability to sell If you re unsure about market conditions, it probably makes sense to bring a property to market gradually That doesn t mean moving it closer to the street or selling it one brick at a time; rather, it s a question of building interest in the property before you begin marketing it in earnest You might opt for a bit of gentle marketing, for instance, treating the initial offers seriously so that potential buyers have the sense you know what you want This helps to discreetly build momentum around a property until a deal actually comes together People may talk about how long it took the property to sell, but they won t be able to gainsay your discretion and handling of the deal
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