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The first contract with the new breakthrough deep water floating production concept was with a relatively small independent US-based oil company In its attempt to search of new products for its fabrication yard, Rauma had since 1987 worked closely with a small California-based entrepreneurial technology company that had developed the product concept During the years of marketing effort it, however, became obvious that Rauma and the small technology company did not possess sufficient credibility in the industry to launch this kind of new product on their own After screening the possible partners, this obstacle was overcome by teaming up with a major US offshore contractor that had both the recognized capability and the manufacturing capacity to provide the missing pieces to the competitive puzzle The first contract for the new product was signed in February 1995 This turned out to be a breakthrough project in more respects than one The customer took a considerable risk by employing new technology that had been used never before At the same time they operated with very lean project management resources However, the skillful project management on the customer side together with the good match of personalities on both the customer and contractor sides created an extraordinary atmosphere of trust in the project that was a key factor in making it a success This started
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Page 189 during the initial contract development at the time when the project mission and goals were first agreed Later, the initially made clear definition of roles and responsibilities of each party supported innovative utilization of project management and information technology in solving the day-to-day project issues For example, with the new product both conceptual and detailed designs had to be done in parallel with fabrication The ability to make technical decisions fast was vital for the continuation of the process and success of the project Communication using e-mail made it possible to take the full advantage of the eight-hour time difference between US and Finland When there was a detailed design or fabrication question that needed the approval from the customer to keep the fabrication going, the drawings were transferred electronically to the US at the end of the working day in Finland During the day, the customer management team reviewed the documents, often using their computer screens, and gave their comments or approval by return e-mail Next morning when the people came to work at the yard, the answer was usually already waiting for them This real time decision-making process concerning the technical questions is only one example of the innovative use of project management techniques that was typical in the project The trust and true understanding of the project goals on both sides made it possible to solve promptly the cost issues that often are difficult in this kind of prototype developments It is no surprise that the team ended up with a successful project that set a benchmark in the industry and established a firm basis for the future business of both the customer and the contractors involved The customer relationship management philosophy that was found to be successful in the first major delivery project of Rauma Offshore Contracting has been further developed and refined through a number of larger projects with major oil companies that have followed since 1996 This development has involved systematic attempts to increase trust between the customer and the contractor, efficiently employ integrated customer-contractor project teams, utilize the
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Page 190 opportunities from information technology, and minimize the size of both customer and contractor teams by close cooperation in day-to-day project routines Following the successes of the past years, Aker Rauma Offshore, as it is named since becoming a fully-owned subsidiary of the Norwegian conglomerate Aker Maritime in 1995, has created a reputation for itself in the minds of customers in the offshore marketplace Aker Rauma Offshore is well aware, however, that the stiff competition it faces guarantees that business success can never be taken for granted To stay ahead of the curve in its market, the company is continuously seeking new ways to further develop its customer relationship management As part of this effort, a formal program for assessing customer satisfaction was established two years ago Their goal, through addressing a number of different, functional parts and levels of their customer organizations, is to collect feedback for both product and delivery process improvements In the end of the decade of the 1990s, Aker Rauma Offshore s interface with its customer base, especially since becoming part of Aker Maritime, has expanded enormously The company s program for building a customer-based project organization has involved a number of integrated steps to tap into the various stakeholder components of their customers For example, the customer that is closest to most of the members of the project organization is the customer site team That is why the customer satisfaction measurement program started from creating a procedure for measuring and improving site team satisfaction After that they, together with one particular customer, have created a pilot case focusing on both the customer business unit responsible for operating the product and the operator team itself To date, the customer satisfaction measurement program is an integrated part of Aker Rauma Offshore s quality assurance system and continuous improvement process providing new data to support decision making of system improvements in each new project
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