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In an unusually complete and insightful book, Responsible Executive Compensation for a New Era of Accountability, Russell Miller of Mercer Human Resources Consulting tells us that in order for a performance measurement system to be effective, it must align the interests of employees and shareholders, reflect the economics of the business and match the culture and capabilities of the company He
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How Much Is Fair : The Compensation Committee
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also instructs us that the components of a performance measurement system include:
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Performance measure selection: the measure(s) used as the indicator of success Goal-setting: the desired level of performance on the selected measures Linkage: the organizational unit (department, business unit, corporate) to which the measure applies Time horizon: the time period over which performance is measured Corporate process: the processes that capture the measure10
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The first component is to identify the measures to be used as an indicator of success Some questions to help with this process include: Where is our stock price now How does its valuation compare to competitors Why is it worth more than the competition or what is holding it back In other words, what are the drivers Understanding drivers helps a director understand how the business makes money Drivers are targeted, actionable, and measurable They have a considerable influence on business value Related metrics measure how effective the company is executing its strategy Drivers should be tied to company strategy that impact serving certain market segments, provide unique products or services, deliver bundled solutions, simply serve a specific geographic area, or rely on a differentiated business process In essence, any dynamic that is key to the company s value qualifies as a driver that should be monitored Differentiated business processes can consist of a singular focus on core processes that yield higher output and cost saving, development of unique organizational competencies, or creation of a streamlined delivery process Companies differentiate themselves based not only on what they make, but also how they make it For instance, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Dell both make computers, but the way they make computers could not be more different HP
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builds standard systems and sells them through a number of channels Dell builds to specific customer orders and only sells through the Internet or over the phone How the deliverable is created and distributed can be a tremendous source of competitive advantage, as evidenced by Dell s phenomenal growth and profitability Once the drivers and metrics have been identified, a wellcontrolled process needs to be implemented to measure, monitor, and communicate results The compensation committee should receive regular reports that compare operational metrics to the starting baseline, to the business plan objectives, and, as a best practice, to stretch goals Results to baseline and to budget are a common comparison, but the committee should also define what constitutes outstanding performance and be prepared to reward the achievement of these results Companies that get performance measurement wrong usually do so because the measurement is not aligned to shareholder value, or it is not considered when making operating decisions It is not only critical that enough scenario testing is performed to ensure that the drivers and metrics selected impact shareholder value, but the new paradigm must be imbedded into the organization Most employees do not know that they can impact cash flow or return on investment in their everyday decision making Measures need to be simple and built into the performance evaluation system Management must be willing to (1) spend time and effort to explain the rationale for the metrics selected; (2) provide frequent feedback to middle management and employees; (3) share success stories with the whole organization; and (4) reward those that demonstrably contribute to the company strategy The timing of compensation payments is also important to a successful program The timeframe for measurement is different for a turnaround or bankrupt business than for a stable consumer products company As such, the components of an executive s total compensation should align the performance period with the compensation period
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