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business beyond all previous expectations in the 1920s a list long enough for any man Chuck s reign might not have been as spectacular as his father s, but he made a few decisions no less vital to the ongoing success of the company, including raising the professional standards of pharmacists and, especially, introducing self-service to the industry, which launched nothing less than a retail revolution Of course, the last sentence might make modern readers furrow their brows Self-service drugstores What s the alternative It s as difficult for us to fathom what preceded self-service drugstores as it is for contemporary teenagers to imagine a world in which men delivered milk and eggs to our homes, picked up our dirty laundry, and washed our windshields But before the idea captured Chuck Walgreen s imagination more than half a century ago, no one could conceive of what a selfservice drugstore chain would look like, either because none existed The self-service idea had actually been around for decades when Walgreens had the inspiration to apply it to drugstores in the 1950s Way back in 1916, Clarence Saunders founded the United States first true selfservice grocery story in Memphis, Tennessee Before Saunders changed the rules, grocery store customers would give their orders to clerks, by hand or by phone (as they did at Walgreens, too, which set up the famed Two Minute Drill) The clerk would then dash about the aisles, gathering the customers products, and then meet the customer at the cash register, wrap the goods in paper or put them in a nice bag or basket, and send them on their way The practice certainly seemed customer friendly, but Saunders saw the flaws in this system before anyone else did, especially its inefficient use of time and labor So Saunders, a man whom even the chain s official history describes as flamboyant and who had the wild eyes and shock of gray hair of a mad scientist, decided to try something outrageous: He would design a store where customers could shop for themselves Saunders took it a step farther when he named his new store Piggly Wiggly He never explained why he gave his stores that silly moniker When someone asked him, he d simply reply, So people will ask that very
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question If he wanted a name that would be easily remembered, he d found it28 Given the store s crazy name and crazier concepts wooden shopping baskets, open shelves, over 600 products (three times more than conventional stores), and replacing aisle clerks the smart money said Saunders s shop would flop But Saunders s very first Piggly Wiggly attracted a huge crowd of curiosity seekers for its opening day When he opened the doors, the customers flooded through the turnstiles and ran through the aisles, thrilled to be free to do their own shopping This, one impressed observer said, is the future 29 The anonymous visitor was right The Piggly Wiggly stores, which were the first to provide checkout stands, first to mark a price on every item in the store, and first to use employee uniforms for safer food handling, quickly caught on Within seven years, the chain had 1,200 stores, turning Saunders s $23,000 investment into $100 million Sadly, however, Saunders lost control of Piggly Wiggly s stock in the early 1920s, and he died in 1953, too soon to see his revolutionary selfservice idea spread nationwide As Piggly Wiggly s corporate history says, Saunders s creative genius was decades ahead of his time A&P, Krogers, and other national chains adopted the simple but powerful idea decades after Saunders first conceived it Of course, it s one thing to set up a self-service system in a grocery store, because most customers don t need expert advice to buy beer, bananas, or boxed cereal But because pharmaceutical products are so critical to the customer s health, so difficult to understand, and so quick to change, experts assumed customers would never feel comfortable buying such products on their own, without assistance After World War II, pharmaceuticals introduced some 400 drugs each year, an explosion of antibiotics and vitamins, diet tablets, and geriatric treatments all new to the field a boom that was paralleled by one in toiletries, cosmetics, and other over-the-counter products This avalanche of new goods often created confusion among customers Ron Stuart, a retired Walgreen worker, recalled a couple of memorable
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