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par tners in health
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At the same time that Chuck Walgreen was reducing his druggists hours, he was working to enhance their status, both in the stores and in the medical community
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In 1943, Walgreens filled a record 24 million subscriptions, but that number started falling the next year and the year after that There were many possible explanations, of course, including the thousands of American men going overseas; but one possible factor struck Chuck Walgreen as particularly worrisome: Doctors were said to be increasingly reluctant to recommend Walgreens to their patients At the outset of the twentieth century, Marilyn Abbey explained in Walgreens: Celebrating 100 Years, pharmacists routinely diagnosed their customers ailments and offered recommendations for treatment The practice was called counter-servicing, and doctors predictably objected to it, especially as it grew more prevalent during World War II due to the nationwide shortage of physicians16 Nonetheless, Walgreens couldn t afford to alienate the medical community nor to expose itself to the kind of liability that misdiagnosed conditions could create Serendipity and smart politics conjoined at a cocktail party in 1944, when Chuck found himself chatting with his good friend Dr Morris Fishbein, the esteemed executive secretary of the American Medical Association (AMA) and editor of the organization s opinionleading journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Chuck raised the issue himself: I m very unhappy with how things are going, he told the good doctor, and I d like to do something to improve relationships What can we do 17 Fishbein was equally direct Don t counter-service any longer Your stores, above all, shouldn t be doing it 18 Walgreen pledged that his pharmacists would desist the practice immediately over the objections of the company s operations division and then proposed to take this new agreement one step farther by running fullpage ads in JAMA and Hygeia, the AMA s health magazine, announcing Walgreens strict policy against counter-servicing Walgreens ran similar ads in 210 cities, referring to doctors and pharmacists as partners in health, adding, Your Walgreens pharmacist does his part by following your doctor s instructions and compounding your prescriptions with painstaking care Walgreens ads were so flattering that a
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the pos t war era
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modern reader might be tempted to believe the drugstore chain was asking the AMA for a date to the senior prom A particularly fine example expressed a country s thankfulness to a man who has stood by a tough job and done it well Mr and Mrs American acknowledge with pride and praise the splendid service of the family doctor The chain also offered 13,000 doctors and dentists Walgreens courtesy cards, which provided discounts on all Walgreens merchandise19 The ads were fawning, perhaps, but undeniably effective, with both physicians and patients Just three years after the problem had been identified, the rift between Walgreens and the AMA had been healed In the 1947 annual report, Chuck said, No matter how our stores develop in size or broaden in character, the prescription department still remains the heart of our business Our relations with the medical profession have never been more mutually satisfying 20 By keeping the two trades and their responsibilities distinct an issue that went back to the beginning of both professions Walgreens pharmacists earned more respect from physicians and elevated their status in the bargain Walgreen didn t stop there He realized if the profession was going to appeal to the best and brightest graduates flooding out of the nation s universities after the war, it would have to provide druggists with a chance to become managers and share in the store s profits This required incoming pharmacists to have at least a rudimentary background in the business of running a drugstore, something schools of pharmacy were certainly not prepared to teach This concerned Chuck so much that he decided that if the universities weren t going to teach business basics to pharmacists, Walgreens would So in 1953, Chuck introduced the Walgreens Pharmacy Administration Seminar, inviting a dozen college of pharmacy faculty members to attend a six-week training course, covering everything from employee relations to public relations, store planning and maintenance to merchandise handling, legal problems to bookkeeping 21 Walgreens eventually boiled the course down to a two-week seminar but continued sponsoring them well into the 1960s Walgreens finally
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