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and he felt he found one 60 miles northeast in Dixon, Illinois Walgreen s older half brother Edwin was attending classes there at the five-year-old Northern Illinois Normal School and told his father, This was the place When the Walgreens moved there in 1887, Dixon still had muddy roads and wooden sidewalks, but its location on the Rock River guaranteed continued growth Established in 1830 when John Dixon set up a ferry service there, the spot became known as Fort Dixon during the Black Hawk War of 1832, which started when Chief Black Hawk roused the local Potowotami and Winnebago tribes to take back the land The war drew hundreds of Union troops, including a host of future famous Americans, among them Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln the presidents involved in the Civil War The outnumbered and overpowered tribesmen stood little chance; and after just a few months of fighting, they were forced to surrender The Rock River was a beautiful country, Chief Black Hawk said I loved it and I fought for it It is now yours Keep it as we did 3 (Chicagoans honored the warrior a century later when they named their NHL hockey team the Blackhawks) The Black Hawk War literally put the tiny settlement of Dixon on the map and, having introduced the soldiers from around the country to the area, served to spread the word about the area s appeal Lincoln returned to Dixon s Nachusa Hotel, where he had boarded during the war, for business trips and campaign stops decades later (A century later, another US president, Ronald Reagan, grew up in Dixon, serving as a lifeguard on the Rock River and as a caddy for Charles Walgreen Sr on the Dixon Country Club golf course, which Charles Sr saved from bankruptcy in the 1930s by purchasing 100 memberships Like Lincoln, Reagan returned as an honored guest while campaigning for president, staying at the Walgreen family s Hazelwood estate) Dixon looked pretty good to Carl Walgreen, so he sold his two farms in Rio to set up a real estate office in downtown Dixon in 1887, when Charles was 14 The community might not have been much by today s standards, but it must have been exhilarating to young Charles, moving
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from humble beginnings
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from miniscule Rio to Dixon, a town with 5,000 people, electric lights, and even, in a few prosperous businesses and homes, telephones, the lazy man s friend, in the words of the Dixon Evening Telegraph Dixon also had what Carl Walgreen most wanted: a good high school for his son, with a planned, new, state-of-the-art building Charles did well in his studies, but it was sports, not school, that thrilled him He played baseball and swam all summer, hunted in the nearby woods each fall, and skated on the frozen Rock River in winter Charles thrived on the freedom that came with growing up but chafed under the additional responsibilities At age 16, at his parents urging, he entered Dixon Business College but stayed only a year When I asked him how he liked business college, Myrtle Walgreen wrote in her autobiography, he just shrugged 4 In his early years, indifference marked Walgreen s reaction to work in almost any form Fortunately, Accuracy was a kind of passion with him, Myrtle wrote, so Walgreen was able to find work as a bookkeeper for the I B Countryman General Store, Dixon s largest He performed passably well, but once he recognized that his daily duties would hardly change before he died an old man, he quit again He didn t think it d be too good to run a bookkeeping operation the rest of his life, Chuck recalled5 (Walgreen might have ditched the bookkeeping job, but he remembered the lesson: If you don t give your employees a chance to advance, you ll lose them Providing its employees opportunity for growth based on ability, not merely on longevity, has been a pillar of Walgreens policy to the current day) Leaving the white-collar world for a job at the Henderson Shoe Factory in town, Charles Walgreen soon learned that manual labor also had its downsides, especially in 1889 As he toiled at one of the stitching machines one day, he caught his left middle finger in a sharp steel tool and watched the contraption chop the top joint off A local doctor named D H Law treated the wound and told him he wasn t even to hold a book until it healed But Charles was not about to put off his love of sports just
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