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Individuals and Empowerment
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his or her own options Finally, the coachee is asked what he or she will do now, and possibly when it will happen
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103 Empowerment
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Empowerment means giving authority or power to other people so that they can act independently It s important because it puts the power to act into the hands of the people who need it, the people who face problems every day, who know what the problems are and who know the most about them The people who are working most closely on the development of software need to be able to incorporate their knowledge and experience into that development Empowerment gives people trust and allows them to learn and to change Not to empower them means that you want to limit them and perhaps control them in some way In empowering someone, you re delegating some of your authority; that is, you are giving something up And you give it up in the belief that those who you re empowering will become more powerful, and will make more effective use of the power than you would have done Empowerment has become something of a cliche in modern business: it sometimes seems that everyone is empowered Unfortunately, it s too easy to claim that people are empowered without actually giving them power As the above de nition says, empowering people means giving them authority There s more to empowering individuals and teams than just saying You are empowered Really empowering people requires more than just talk In simply talking about empowerment but not actively empowering people, you run the risk of apportioning responsibility without providing the power to take action Not only is responsibility without power a depressing state of affairs for individuals, but it also prevents real action taking place, because those with the power fail to take responsibility
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Thinking Point: Empowerment
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Think back over your career and try to identify companies or teams where you ve been highly effective Were you empowered Did you consciously know you were empowered What made it possible for you to act Now think about your present situation Are you effective Are you empowered What s blocking you from doing things
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1031 Why Empower People
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Essentially, there are two good reasons why you want to give away authority Firstly, by doing so you can set more brains to work on the problem Rather than wrestling with a problem by yourself, you can engage a variety of other people
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After all, you can t be everywhere and you can t solve every problem Bringing more brains to bear on the problem helps to solve it more quickly: different people have different perspectives, experience and understanding of the problem, and so are likely to think of different solutions Additionally, there are now more people to work on actually implementing the solution This brings us to the second reason for empowering people When people are involved with creating a solution, or coming up with a new idea, they re more likely to act on the idea and when they do act, they will do so with more energy and enthusiasm Even if it takes longer to reach a decision, you ll save time in turning the decision into action, because everyone is involved and in some way owns the decision So, it s in your own interest to give away your power and authority
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1032 How Do You Empower Individuals
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Empowerment should snowball: people should come up with more and more ideas, and more people should contribute ideas Some won t work, but at least people are thinking Your reaction will be noted by the individuals who come up with the ideas and by everyone else React negatively ( I told you it wouldn t work ) and you ll deter others from trying Conversely, react positively and not only will you encourage the same person to try again, but others will take note and feel more empowered If you really want to empower someone, you really have to mean it Giving people authority has more to do with how you act than with what you say In most work environments, the more senior people are, the more authority they have This authority might not mean that they have their every utterance acted on, but it does mean that colleagues assume that they have authority and act accordingly If you want the people who work for you to believe that they have their own authority, you have to start acting as though they have authority The rst thing you have to do is to make time for these people If your boss asks for a 20 minute chat, you ll nd the time What if your someone who works for you asks for a chat Will you have time today or tomorrow, or next week To repeat Section 11, giving people time is an important sign that you respect them and value their opinion Taking time to listen to employees is the start of empowerment Simply giving others time to discuss their ideas will help them feel that their ideas are valued and important In your mind, your employees might already be empowered and may not need your permission to try an idea, but this might not be the case in their minds Although a simple Yes might not be required, they may feel more con dent if you say so Having your explicit agreement may also help them overcome objections that they meet in trying to implement their idea, because they can say that you support the idea
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