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18 Practical Theory
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There is nothing so practical as a good theory Kurt Lewin (1890 1947), psychologist, inventor of action research and change theorist During the course of this book, we will look at a variety of theories, mostly about learning and change For a book that tries to have a practical bent, this
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might seem unusual In fact, there are two good reasons to look at theories even when we re trying to be practical Firstly, theories allow us to consider and examine the world in ways that are otherwise very dif cult By abstracting away much detail and considering a few key factors, they allow us to look at the issue in hand in a new and potentially revealing way This provides a grounding for conducting learning and change in practice Secondly, we all struggle to understand people and events around us This understanding then informs our own actions In order to make sense of the world, we all use our own set of theories Some of these will be explicit and we will know that we re using a theory; other theories will be implicit and unspoken By looking at different theories we open our minds to different models of the world: if these models make sense to us, they will inform our actions in the future and change the way in which we act Studying theories of learning and change should better prepare us for practising learning and change Hopefully some of the theories given here will change the way you see the world and might prompt you to discard some of the theories that you re already using This is the start of the change process
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This book draws on a large variety of sources from software development, computing and information technology in general, and from the business world These sources use different terms for what are essentially the same things Although sometimes these terms refer to different things, the underlying concept is, from our point of view, the same For simplicity, I m going to consider the terms Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology and Communications (ITC) as synonymous Some of the authors quoted discuss Management Systems (MS) and Management Information Systems (IMS) Strictly speaking, the terms refer to subsets of information systems, but the difference isn t important for our purposes This book is primarily concerned with the development of software; that is, software development This is a discipline necessary to all kinds of IT(C) and it is a subset of IT On the whole, I will use the term software development when I am speci cally discussing some aspect of the development process and IT when I am discussing the wider dimensions In addition, I will use the terms rm, company and corporation as synonyms While these terms usually refer to pro t-making entities, for our purposes I include not-for-pro t organizations within them The word organization is a more exible term that may refer to a large multinational corporation, a division of a large company, a branch of ce or a single team, depending on the context or your own terms of reference
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Finally, despite my personal dislike for the term user which has too many negative overtones there s no more suitable term in widespread use to describe the people who make use of our software The term customer can sometimes substitute, but customers and users aren t always the same
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19 Begin with Yourself
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The primary objective of this book is to give you, the reader, an understanding of how you can help software development teams improve their ability to learn, allow them to change the way in which they work and adopt a more Agile approach to development During the course of the book, we will look at various theories of learning and change, we will discuss examples of learning and change and we will suggest some actions that you can take to help teams learn and change Naturally, this leads to the following questions: Where do I begin What do I do rst The answer is: Begin with yourself First seek to improve your own learning and understanding of the situation in which you nd yourself We will return to this theme again and again, because if you can t improve yourself, then you can t improve your team Conversely, if you can improve yourself, then you re in a better position to help others and act as a role model and mentor Rather than wait until you ve nished reading this book, I suggest that you start now As you read the book, think about the ideas and suggestions presented and how they apply to you and your team In order to do this, you ll need to take some time to think about this book, your team, your organization and your current environment You might like to schedule some time during the week when you can do this You might also like to undertake your thinking with a partner in which case the thinking becomes a discussion It isn t essential that your partner also reads this book, but he or she should share your interest If you don t have a partner to work with, you can still do this by yourself Keeping a personal journal, or diary, can be an effective mechanism for ordering and recording your thinking You could use an online Blog for the same purposes, but if you do be aware that others including your team-mates might read your thoughts You may not have anything to hide, but knowing that your thoughts are private allows you to express yourself in different ways and to speculate Alternatively, you could try drawing mind-maps, talking to the dog or just taking long thoughtful baths Whatever you do, try to think! Try to think about your organization and environment Do you understand what the organization is trying to achieve Or what s happening around you Or why recent decisions have been made
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