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formance, learning and enjoyment and capturing the focus and motivation that this will produce Simple devices such as time sheets, to-do lists and plans can really help, but use them properly and don t let them become time wasters themselves Daily plans must include time for unscheduled interruptions or they ll be unworkable Reviews of how we re doing must concentrate on what was accomplished rather than what was done Don t be so busy learning your lines that you don t realise you re no longer in the right play Focus on processes by all means but check progress against your performance goals
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INTRODUCTION Here are some appraisal comments from my own (often less than) illustrious past
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Has many shortcomings, but these can be put down to his immaturity Output has been adequate, but then he has hardly been stretched
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If the purpose of management is to deliver performance and I believe it is let s consider the usefulness of these remarks I will rstly admit that they are both true as far as my memory can be trusted but would they have promoted an improved performance The rst is a kind of thinly veiled personal criticism that contains nothing I can act upon to try to improve What shortcomings What is it that mature people do that I don t The second is like being damned with faint praise It s a judgement and one which I
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could create quite a counter argument for were I so inclined Such an argument would be unlikely to yield anything positive though, given the power base in the relationship People deserve better than this A decent performance review in which the reviewee is given a voice and can engage in a meaningful discussion can provide a number of bene ts to both parties and to the organisation as a whole From the organisation s point of view, performance review provides a way to ensure it is on track and that objectives and targets are being met It also means staff who are contributing to the success of the organisation can be recognised, not just those that are under-performing Reviewees bene t too by understanding their role in the organisation and the impact their behaviour has on its success They can also see their efforts and successes recognised, con dent that the recognition is based on rational judgement, not emotion A poor performance review provides none of these things It is quickly reduced to a tick box exercise driven by administrators in HR departments and is a waste of time Towards the end of a session on training managers as coaches, I will often ask the group to call out ideas for situations at work in which coaching may be useful Invariably, during appraisals/ performance reviews is the rst response This is perhaps not surprising given that performance reviews are often the only time that managers can legitimately spend time talking with their staff about their work without accusations of wasting time on touchy-feely stuff A well structured performance review provides a real opportunity to learn from what s happened over a period of time and to consider goals and development plans for the period to come These are two issues in which a coaching approach can certainly help to produce a positive outcome In essence performance review simply means a framework by which organisation wide goals and objectives can be distilled to the individual level and then tracked and monitored so that any
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help or development required to meet or exceed those objectives can be supplied A coaching approach to performance review enables the bene ts to be realised and the drawbacks reduced I am often asked to coach new reviewers on how to get the most from the process and we have consulted with many organisations on system design and implementation In this chapter I ll outline how coaching principles can be applied to the whole process and consider the perspectives of reviewers, reviewees and the organisation overall
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INTERFERENCE As ever we ll begin our detailed look at how coaching connects by considering the more obvious sources of both external and internal interference
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External Time When given the task of undertaking performance reviews few people say Oh good, I was getting fed up with having so little work, I can ll my time by undertaking some reviews with the team It s more likely that they ll be wondering how they ll ever nd the time to do the reviews in a meaningful way This seems to be the case for both reviewers and reviewees If you ve read the last chapter on personal organisation you ll recognise that undertaking reviews is one of those important, progress tasks that so often get subordinated to urgent, maintenance tasks It s typical to look at spending at least a couple of hours with each member of your team at least two or three times per year This can add up to a signi cant amount of time There are ways though of minimising
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