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TRUST Awareness and Responsibility are always key components in high performance in any eld For coaching at work to be able to cultivate the bene ts we need to add in a third key principle and that is Trust Where an external coach is appointed trust is a given in the relationship Or, more accurately, an appropriate level of trust is established before the coaching relationship begins Nobody would appoint a coach who they didn t believe they could trust Coaching at work, within the line management relationship, is more complex Being at work throws people together who might otherwise not choose to be together We may not always like the people we coach and they may not always like us, but this does not mean we cannot establish a relationship of trust There are three aspects to trust in a coaching relationship that we need to consider: Trust in oneself Trust in the coach Trust in the process
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Trust in oneself To trust oneself to perform requires a high degree of self-belief We saw earlier how an absence of self-belief can be a pervading source of internal interference Coaches often have to spend time, particularly at the start of a relationship, encouraging people to give something a go and displaying a lot of belief in their abilities We know that if we do this there is a strong chance of success This is the Pygmalion effect; the self-ful lling prophecy we looked at earlier
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Trust in the coach In order that your people will trust you as their coach you need to be a trustworthy person and to do trustworthy things This means that what gets said in a coaching session remains con dential, all things being equal It also means that performance dif culties are explored in a supportive environment and not used as a weapon to deny progress or suppress a performance bonus I often get asked whether it is better to keep coaching within the line management relationship or to bring in an external coach, eg a HR Manager or independent consultant There is no easy answer to this and much depends on the circumstances, although I de nitely do not believe that coaching is incompatible with a line management relationship Yes sometimes we may have to discipline or restrict as a manager, but we have always had to The advent of coaching has not changed this The job of management is to produce results from resources and we need to do what the occasion demands The key is to act with consistency and integrity Act on your values and do what you believe is right Treat people with dignity and respect whether congratulating or condemning and you ll not go far wrong In fact I believe that trust is strengthened when managers take a strong stance on performance issues
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Trust in the process There are a lot of misconceptions out there about coaching and these can mean that people are uneasy about being coached and somewhat mistrustful of it Common amongst these misconceptions is that coaching is only for poor performers and we, as managers who coach, need to challenge this view Yes, coaching can work well as a means of
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addressing poor performance but only if there is a genuine desire on both parts to consider sincerely what the issues might be Furthermore, why limit coaching to addressing poor performance A sideways glance at the worlds of entertainment or sport shows that those under the greatest pressure to perform value coaching even when performing at the height of their powers There is also the question of whether to announce that people are being coached or whether to just get on with it Once again your own judgement is best and you need to consider the circumstances in your organisation at the time Where people are feeling a bit jaded or suffering from change fatigue you re best advised to just get on with the business of coaching and worry less about giving it a label To launch a coaching initiative may be seen as just one more change Your people will keep their heads down and hope that you ll go back to normal in a few days This attitude will mean that you will only get super cial responses to your coaching questions and may spoil the outcome I don t think it s dishonest to coach covertly as long as your intention is to raise awareness, generate responsibility and to build trust How could anyone be annoyed with us for doing that We once trained a group of senior managers and then their own teams about six months later I remember one participant in the latter programme saying suddenly so that s what my boss has been doing these last few months, I thought it was a bit odd! On the other hand if there is an appetite for change and for learning and development in particular, then let s talk about coaching, explain what s involved and outline the bene ts When people understand what coaching is all about they tend to get more thoroughly involved in the coaching conversations I believe that much organisational coaching fails because inadequate attention is paid to the matter of trust I like to express this as a coaching law
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