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KA.Barcode Generator for MS Word is a reliable, efficient and advanced barcode generation addin, which enables users to add, insert and create 1d & 2d barcode images with high-quality in Microsoft Office Word documents. Using this barcode plugin product, users also can make adjustment for generated barcodes based on specified applications.

"Good support team..."

Several weeks ago, we bought your product KA.Barcode for Word. We always failed to install this product, and didn't know how to solve this problem. And then I send e-mail to your company for help. It turns out that I didn't install those necessary programs. In this process, your patience, carefulness and professional service give me deep impression. I'm really grateful to you.
Roberto Beatrice, Store Manager
Speedball Express

"Reliable word barcode generator product!"

After using the free KA.Barcode for Word demo, I think this product is simple and easy to generate barcodes in word document. Two weeks later, I bought it. Nowadays, I find that the product is more stable than the free demo. KA.Barcode for Word is worth purchasing.
Grover Jeffrey, Project Manager
Sunshine Information Spread Ltd, US

"It is just the product I want!"

KA.Barcode for Excel is just the product I want. Using it to insert required barcodes in excel for sending mails is a really convenient and fast thing. I can convert my needed information to corresponding barcodes, and then directly send it to other members in our company. Besides, the barcode label is also allowed. It is a wonderful and amazing product.
Herbert Wells, Commissioner
ED Stupio Tech Company, UK

"KA.Barcode for Word should be recommended."

I am your loyal customer, and I will advocate your KA.Barcode for Word all the time. This product helps me not only generate barcodes in word documents, but also adjust created barcode images, which really provides so many conveniences to me. I am willing to recommend the KA.Barcode products to other friends.
Morten Warren, Employee
SSWA Equipment Ltd