Barcode Generator Script for PHP

  • Provide various barcode streaming functionality for website with advanced PHP script
  • Generate PHP barcodes with a single script file on compatible websites at server-side
  • No barcode fonts or barcode libraries are needed when using this PHP barcode generator
  • Quick to stream 1 bit bitmap files from server side to browser without leaving any temp files on server
  • Various barcode parameters are provided for creating user-defined barcode images, such as bar width, wide bar to narrow bar ratio, bar height and barcode rotation angle
  • Easy to use URLs to specify created barcode images, available for all supported 1d and 2d barcode types
  • Able to make an order for unencrypted source code of this PHP barcode solution at affordable price
Overview of Barcode Generator Script for PHP
This PHP Barcode Generator is a well developed server-side PHP script for web designers and developers, which excels at streaming linear and 2d barcodes to various web browsers. Almost all operating systems, web servers and hosting providers support this PHP barcode software as long as they support required PHP script. This barcode generator component for PHP is used to generate server-side PHP barcodes independently and there's no need for any other barcode fonts or controls. In addition, it grants the ability of creating barcode images in memory on server, as well as streaming created barcodes to your client side browser. Of course, these processes will not create additional temp files on server.
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Here are more links for server side barcode components and tutorial available. To add streaming 2D barcode generation capability to any website on the web server, please use the appropriate 2D server barcode generator component.
Features of Barcode Generator Script for PHP
  • Generate various barcode symbologies, including Code 39, Code 128, GS1 barcode, EAN/UPC, ITF-14, Postal Barcodes, QR Code, PDF417, Data Matrix and more.
  • Able to be used in any operating system, web server or website hosting service provider for one condition that required PHP scripts are supported. Most in common, PHP scripts including IIS, Apache and Zend are often used.
  • With a server-side PHP script file, you can easily stream linear and two-dimensional barcodes generation functions to target web browsers.
  • Installation of this professional PHP barcode generator is easy, fast, and efficient. To be specific, it can be accomplished by simple copy of PHP barcode script file to web server.
  • After installation, you can quickly generate PHP barcode images in memory on server; instead, you may stream barcode images to client side. And for all the processes, no temp files will be created on the server.
  • This software uses individual unencryped PHP file for each barcode type, offering rather fast 1d and 2d barcodes generation and streaming features.
  • All the PHP script files are user-defined and can be used locally because they are specified in pure PHP source code form.
  • Created barcode images are black and white bit-mapped, which are small size, commonly less than 3KB.
  • The PHP Barcode Generator retrieves linear and 2d barcodes from specified URLs and then streams them in many development environments and operating systems.
  • Demo codes and methods for generating and streaming dynamic PHP barcodes within PHP script are provided in download package.
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