KA.Barcode for Outlook
How to Create Intelligent Mail for Outlook
How to insert Intelligent Mail barcode images for MS Outlook using Intelligent Mail barcode add-in

  • Integrate with common operation systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP & Windows Server 2008, 2003
  • Efficiently work with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003/2007/2010 versions
  • Allowable to be used for server as well as client or third party applications
  • Completely developed in .NET platforms with either VB or C# languages
  • The valid data and valid data length can be referred on the operating panel
  • Unit of measure supports adjusting generated Intelligent Mail barcodes size with pixel, cm and inch
  • Users can choose to display the text or not within this Outlook Intelligent Mail plug-in
  • Support automatic check-sum digit calculation. No manual calculation required
Intelligent Mail Introduction
Intelligent Mail, also known as IM Barcode, OneCode 4CB, USPS 4CB, 4-CB, 4-State Customer Barcode, USPS OneCode Solution Barcode, and USPS IM, is a fixed-length barcode, which can encode 20, 25, 29, or 31 digits. Besides, it is a newer service barcode used by United States Postal Service for mailpiece sorting and tracking. Furthermore, Intelligent Mail allows both the PLANET Code and POSTNET barcode information to be combined into a single barcode with expanded tracking.
Intelligent Mail is able to encode:
  • Numeric digits 0 - 9
How to Setup Intelligent Mail Add-In for Outlook
  1. 1.
    Ensure close all Office Outlook on your computer
  2. 2.
    Download and unzip KA.Barcode Add-In for Outlook package
  3. 3.
    Run the setup file to install this Outlook plugin
  4. 4.
    Open a new document to click "Install"
  5. 5.
    Then, this Add-Ins tab will appear on the left side of the current mail

How to Add Intelligent Mail Barcode in MS Outlook

  1. 1.
    Right click on the add-in tab to activate the barcode control panel
  2. 2.
    Select "barcode type" to "Intelligent Mail" in the property
  3. 3.
    And then input Intelligent Mail valid data (Intelligent Mail can encode 20, 25, 29, 31 digits)
  4. 4.
    If adjust the barcode properties, just revise the default value
  5. 5.
    Choose a place large enough for inserting Intelligent Mail barcode image
  6. 6.
    Click the "link to mail" to finish this barcode generation on the Outlook
  7. 7.
    The "update link to mail" button is designed for users to adjust the generated Intelligent Mail image