KA.Barcode for Java
Code 39 Image Setting for Java
Create and print Code 39 linear barcodes with setting fixed image resolution, format, colors, rotation, etc using Java
Code 39 Barcode Generator for Java Overview
  • Draw high-quality Code 39 barcodes in Java Class, J2SE applications by setting the size of barcode
  • Easy to generate Code 39 images in Java Reports, such as Jasper Report, iReport, Eclipse BIRT and Oracle Reports
  • A Servlet, Applet, JavaBean and class library are contained in the Java Code 39 generator package
  • Wide Bar to Narrow Ratio can be set your target value between 2.0 to 3.0
  • Code 39 image color can be changed with setting BackgroundColor, ForegroundColor and TextColor
  • The generated Code 39 image resolution can be set to be a fixed value with your need
  • Java Code 39 generation component supports rotating Code 39 image with 0, 90, 180, 270 angles
Related Code 39 Java Generation Setting Guide
KA.Barcode Generator for Java supports full barcode generation functions for Code 39 which are Code 39 size setting guide, Code 39 image setting guide and Code 39 data encoding guide:
Java Code 39 Image Setting Properties
Code 39 barcode image generated in Java developmental environment can be adjusted from the following properties:
  • displayText - show the Code 39 image text after setting it to be true
  • displayStartStopChar - set it to be true to show the start and stop character - "*" at the beginning and the end of Code 39 data
  • rotate - Code 39 image rotate angle with 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees
  • resolution - Code 39 image resolution in dpi (short for dot per inch)
  • backgroundColor - the color of Code 39 barcode image background
  • foregroundColor - the color of Code 39 barcode image foreground
  • textColor -the color of Code 39 text under the barcode
  • ApplyChecksum - to add the check sum digit after the Code 39 encoding data in the text
  • barAlignment - put the barcode in the left, right and center inside the Code 39 image
Code 39 Image Setting in Java - Implementation
All Code 39 image setting concerned properties' implementation needs installing Code 39 Generator in Java and do as below:
//Build Code 39 barcode object in Java
BarCode barcode = new BarCode();
//Set barcode type to be Code 39
//Set Code 39 encoding code value

Code 39 Image Resolution Setting in Java

For Code 39 image resolution using Java, it can be set to be any fixed value for the Code 39 image, like the following example:
//Set Code 39 image resolution in dpi, default value is 72

Code 39 Image Placement Setting using Java

Code 39 image placement in Java can be influenced with two aspects which are rotation and bar alignment for Code 39 image in Java developmental environment like below:
//Set Code 39 rotation angle using Java
//Set Code 39 bar alignment in Java

Code 39 Image Color Setting with Java

Code 39 image color can be influenced with three properties which are background color, foreground color and text color. Here is an example below:
//Set Code 39 image background color in Java
//Set Code 39 image foreground color in Java
//Set Code 39 image text color in Java

Text Setting for Java Code 39 Image

Text setting is valid for all linear barcodes like Code 39 here which includes display text; add check sum digit and the special characters for Code 39 - show start and stop characters like the following example:
// Display human readable text
//Add a checksum digit to Code-39 encoding code
//Print Code 39 Start & Stop Char in the barcode text