KA.Barcode Fonts
KA.Barcode Fonts for QR Code
Font tool for QR Code in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Pocket PC, Linux, and Unix OS
KA.Barcode Fonts for QR Code Overviews
  • Generates QR-Code fonts from AIM International and ISO/IEC 18004:2006 specifications

  • Integrates with 32 and 64-bit operating systems

  • Encode text, web addresses, vCards, functions in QR Code symbols

  • Integrates Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word

  • Support applications in .NET, C++, Java, Microsoft Visual Studio, VB 6, and ActiveX

  • Royalty-free with purchase licenses

QR Code Data Encodation

Numeric Data Mode

Numeric data mode is developed to encode data from the decimal digit set (0 - 9). Up to 7,089 characters could be encoded.

AlphaNumeric Data Mode

Alphanumeric data mode is designed to encode data from a set of 45 characters. Up to 4,296 characters could be encoded.

Byte Data Mode

Byte data mode is developed to encode 8 bits in each character. Up to 2,953 characters could be encoded.

Kanji Data Mode

The Kanji data mode is designed to encode Kanji characters in accordance with the Shift JIS system based on JIS X 0208. Up to 1,817 characters could be encoded.

Auto Data Mode

Auto data mode for QR Code is developed by Keep Automation to simplify the selection of QR Code data mode. Auto data mode may contain sequences of data in a combination of numeric-only, alphanumeric, byte, and Kanji data modes.
Guide for KA.QR Code Fonts

Data Features

  • Symbology - Set symbology to be QR Code

  • QRCodeDataMode - AlphaNumeric, Byte, Kanji, Numeric, and Auto are supported

  • CodeToEncode - Input data using a string value

  • QRCodeECL - Select Error correction Level for damaged data restoration

Size Features

  • BarcodeUnit - Select pixel, inch, or cm as size unit

  • X - Size the width and height of module cell

  • QRCodeVersion - Size QR Code symbol in the font using 40 versions

Color Features

  • BackColor - Set background color of the QR Code symbol in the font

  • ForeColor - Set the color of QR Code symbol in the font

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