KA.Barcode Fonts
KA.Barcode Fonts for EAN-13
Create International Article Number (EAN) barcode font for Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7
KA.Barcode Fonts for EAN-13 Overviews
  • Print flexible EAN-13 barcode symbology from a font

  • Encodes GTIN 13 numbers

  • Includes examples for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports

  • Supports UPC-A, UCC-12, UPC-E, EAN-8, ISSN, and ISBN barcode standards

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Macintosh, Unix and Linux

  • Support both 32 and 64 bit systems including

  • TrueType, PostScript, OpenType and PCL LaserJet soft fonts are supported

  • Royalty free

EAN-13 Overviews
EAN-13 barcode is a 13-digit numeric barcoding standard defined by the standards organization GS1.

GTIN-13 number

All the numeric characters encoded in EAN-13 barcodes are known as Global Trade Item Numbers 13(GTIN-13). GTIN-13 encoded in the EAN-13 has four components as follow:
  • The first three digits - the GS1 Prefix

  • Three to eight digits following GS1 Prefix - the Company number

  • Two to six digits following the Company number - the Item reference

  • One single checksum digit trailing after the Item reference - the Check digit

EAN 2 and EAN 5

2-digit (EAN 2) and 5-digit (EAN 5) supplemental barcodes may be added for supplement data digits.

The EAN-2 is a supplement to the EAN-13 barcodes. It indicates an issue number on magazines and periodicals.

The EAN-5 is a supplement to the EAN-13 barcode used on books. It indicates for the price of the book.
Basic Features for KA.Barcode Fonts for EAN-13
  • Symbology - Set to be EAN13

  • CodeToEncode - Add data string; 12 digits numeric data

  • SupplementCode - Add data string for supplement barcode if any

  • BarcodeUnit - Set to be pixel, inch, or cm

  • X - For sizing module bar width

  • Y - For sizing module bar height

  • SupplementHeight - For sizing bar height for supplement barcode