Generate Barcode in ActiveX

Barcode ActiveX Control Guide

  • Generate barcode images from Microsoft Excel, Access, InfoPath, web page, VB and C++
  • Easy to use ActiveX barcode control, drag and drop barcode graphic object support
  • Create custom barcode images without the use of any barcode fonts
  • Used in Windows applications that support ActiveX controls
  • Compatible with most common linear, 2D, and postal barcode standards
  • Can be used as a DLL to generate, print and save WMF image and without load on a form
  • Light weight ActiveX barcode creator control and DLL for easy integration
  • Generate quality barcode images using Visual Basic and VB source code available
ActiveX Barcode Control Integration Overview
This ActiveX Barcode Control is an easy to use barcode generator, which is used to generate barcode in Windows Applications that support the ActiveX control. It is able to generate and print barcodes from Microsoft Access, MS Word, MS Excel, Visual Basic, C++, InfoPath, and web pages. This ActiveX control can be used as a DLL to generate, print and save barcode generated to WMF images in .NET framework applications without loading on a form and. In additional, QR Code Generator ActiveX Control is also available.
ActiveX Barcode Control Installation
To use the ActiveX barcode generator control, we should not only install the controls in your desired applications but also register the ActiveX barcode control in your Windows systems. After installing and registering the ActiveX barcode DLL, we can create custom barcodes in applications in which barcode features are necessary.
  1. Download the ActiveX Barcode Control package and unzip it
  2. Click the executable file to run the installation to register the ActiveX control in Windows
  3. After the installation succeeded, the desired application that needs barcode features could identify the control.
  4. To install and register the ActiveX barcode control in Windows manually, please use the command line REGSVR32 DLLNAME, here KA ActiveX Barcode DLL
  5. Activate the ActiveX barcode control in applications where barcode will be generated. The application must support ActiveX or COM. The following lists installation guides of this ActiveX DLL on various applications.
  6. If application where you want to integrate the ActiveX control beyond the above tutorials, please find how to use an ActiveX control in the manual of the application, then you can install this ActiveX barcode control in the same way.
  7. After register the control and activate the control from the desired application, we can create custom barcodes in the application by using the various barcode control properties, such as data to be encoded, barcode type, barcode size and more.
  8. If the ActiveX Barcode Control will be distributed, please copy the control to the System directory of the destination computer and then registered the ActiveX Barcode DLL
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