Barcode Integration Options for Visual C++

Visual C++ barcode integration tutorial for barcode fonts, ActiveX Controls and DLLs
  • Multiple professional barcode solutions for implementing barcodes in Visual C++
  • Easily integrate barcode in Visual C++ for barcode fonts, ActiveX Controls and DLLs
  • Detailed Visual C++ barcode integration user manuals & guides are available
  • Support a variety of needs like single user licenses and royalty-free developer licenses
  • Generate most popular linear/1D and 2 dimensional barcode standards
  • Detailed Visual C++ barcode implementation tutorial is provided.
  • Full barcode functionality is provided with purchased version requiring no license keys or activation.
  • ActiveX Barcode Controls are compiled in C++ ATL for speed without runtime dependencies.
  • Source code for the barcode generation library and complete ActiveX project are provided
  • The ActiveX barcode controls can be used in Access, Excel, Infopath, VB and other applications.
  • Tutorial: Creating Barcodes in Visual C++ with ActiveX Barcode Control
Supported Symbologies
Linear Barcode Symbologies
2D Barcode Symbologies
  • Easily integrates barcodes into the project, without additional barcode components or DLLs
  • Create custom barcode generator applications with this C++ header file
  • C++ source code for barcode generation by making use of character vectors is included.
  • Methods in the C++ header file and source code calculate the start, stop and check digits
  • Return a character string to combine with Barcode Fonts and create a correct barcode.
Linear Barcode Symbologies
Self Checking Barcode Fonts
  • The easiest barcode implementation when using a barcode type requiring no checksum
  • Easily format the data to a string for self check barcode font
  • Start and stop characters for the data being encoded is necessary
  • No other barcode DLLs or barcode source code is needed.
Linear Barcode Symbologies
  • Methods in the Barcode DLL calculate the start, stop and check digits
  • Return a character string to combine with Barcode Fonts and create a correct barcode
  • Creates multiple barcodes with the Barcode Font on multiple operating systems and locales
  • C++ source code for the Barcode Font DLL provided with the purchase of a Developer License.
Linear Barcode Symbologies
GS1 DataBar Symbologies
QR Code Font and Encoder
  • Many different 2D encoders are provided for a single symbology in the QR Code Font and Encoder
  • Compatible with C++ and many other applications.
  • Includes the applicable QR Code Barcode ActiveX Control.
  • C++ header file for the QR Code 2D symbology upon request.
2D Barcode Symbologies
  • The ActiveX barcode controls provided by KeepAutomation may be used in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET.
  • The barcode control integration process is similar with Visual C++ 6.
  • The sample provided uses our QR Code ActiveX control
  • May easily be converted to use any of any other ActiveX barcode controls.
  • The example is created in Visual Studio.NET 2003 and may be opened and converted to later versions.
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