QR Code Creation in Word Mail-Merge

  • Print QR Code two dimensional barcodes in Word Mail-Merge
  • Generates QR Code barcodes in Word Mail-Merge with QR code font creators
  • Format the data to be encoded to text for QR Code font in Word Mail-Merge
  • Compatible with the latest QR code specification: ISO/IEC 18004: 2006
  • Display and print QR code barcodes in Word Mail-Merge using TrueType or OpenType fonts
  • Various QR code font encoding implementation are available
  • Even print QR code barcode on unsupported system with QR font encoder
QR Code Encoders Provided
KeepAutomation also provides a variety of QR Code font encoder tools to display and print different qr code barcode symbols in many applications
QR Code Font Encoders for Generating QR Code in Word Mail-Merge
This QR Code font encoder format the data encoded to text string for QR Code font to generate and print QR Code barcodes in Word Mail-Merge. QR code is a two dimensional barcode symbology which has a large data capability. To generate and print the QR Code symbol, VBA module and qr code font encoders are necessary when using in Word Mail-Merge. Other 2D barcode fonts can also be used with 2D barcode font encoders within VB6, such as Aztec, DataMatrix, PDF417, MaxiCode. This tutorial illustrates how to integrate qr code barcode fonts into Word Mail-Merge and generate qr code barcodes from Word Mail-Merge.
QR Code Generation in Word Mail-Merge
It is possible to create QR Code barcodes from a Word Mail Merge if MS Office Excel is utilized to the data source. The below illustration shows how to generate QR Code barcodes in a Word Mail Merge by using qr code fonts and encoders.
  1. Download the QR Code font encoders and unzip the qr code font encoder packages files
  2. Click the executable file to the qr code barcode font provided by KeepAutomation
  3. A VBA module is available in the downloaded package; import the VBA module from the QR Code font encoder folder into the Excel spreadsheet that will be used as the data source.
  4. Enter title for each column in the Excel spreadsheet, and import the data into the Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Enter title QRCode to a blank column on the first row in the spreadsheet, and the QRCode column will be used to take the qr code barcodes that will be generated.
  6. Add a formula on the second row in the QRCode column. The formula is used to call the qr code function as a formula.
  7. Copy and paste the formula to all cells in the column in the spreadsheet
  8. Add the Excel spreadsheet to Word Mail Merge as the data source
  9. Add the mail merge field of QRCode to place the qr code barcode in the Word Mail Merge
  10. Highlight the qr code field in Word Mail Merge, and choose KAQRcode font
  11. When performing the Word Mail Merge, the qr code barcodes will display
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