Generate QR Code in iWork for Mac

How to integrate qr code fonts into iWork and generate qr code barcode on Macintosh
  • Display and print qr code 2D barcode images in Numbers for Mac
  • Generate qr code 2D barcodes using qr code 2D fonts
  • Special data formatting for converting data to be encoded as string for qr 2D font
  • Generate qr codes with multiple sizes for specific barcode sizing requirements in Numbers
  • TrueType, Open Type, PCL and PostScript font formats available with the qr code 2D font
  • Compatible with the latest QR code specifications: ISO/IEC 18004: 2006
QR Code Font Encoding Creator Options
KeepAutomation provides a variety of QR Code font encoding creators and QR Code graphic drawing generators for displaying and printing the QR Code symbols from many applications.
How to generate qr code in iWork for Mac using qr code fonts
  1. QR Code is a two dimensional barcode symbology which is able to encode numeric, alphanumeric, byte / binary, Kanji characters as well as text, URLs and etc.
  2. To add the data to be encoded for qr code, please use this simple formula of =&CELL& in Numbers. Input this formula into the cell where the data will be converted into qr code barcodes
  3. After entering the formula to Numbers, copy down the column
  4. Choose the qr code 2D font for the cells to generate qr code barcodes. Size the cell so it is enough to display the entire qr code barcode symbol if necessary.
  5. Display the qr code symbols. We can print and scan the qr code barcodes with a qr code reader to verify if the data encoded correctly.
Combine columns into a single qr code in Numbers for Mac
It is possible to add tabs and returns while using the qr code 2D font between cells. We can insert "$I" for adding a tab and insert "$M" for adding a return to combine multiple columns into a single qr code in Numbers.
Create a column of qr code in a spreadsheet in Numbers
We can use an easy method to generate a column to QR Code barcodes in Numbers. And if you want to create alphanumeric barcodes, Code 3 of 9 barcode fonts is recommended. If you want to generate numeric only barcodes, Codabar barcode fonts is preferred. If other barcode types are necessary on the Macintosh platform, we may need barcode font encoders for Mac. Please refer to the Macintosh Barcode Integration and Generation. The following sample shows how to create qr code barcodes in column B from the data in column A
  1. Enter the correct formula to encode the data correctly. Enter the formula to a cell in Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Apply the formula to all cells in the column. Copy the cell entered the formula. Select the entire column to highlight it. Paste the formula into the entire column
  3. After filling the formula to the entire column, change the font style to KAQRCode font for the entire column
  4. Adjust the qr code size and position, and make sure that qr code symbols display in the cell in Numbers.
  5. Print out a page with qr code 2D barcodes and scan the qr code symbols to verify if the data is correctly encoded
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