QR Code Encoder .NET DLL

  • Format encoded data to text string for qr code 2D fonts in VS.NET Framework
  • C# code and VB.NET code are available for using the .NET qr code dll tool
  • Generate QR Code barcodes using qr code 2D font in Microsoft .NET Framework
  • QR code font encoder .NET DLL for integrating qr code barcodes into .NET applications
  • Easily generate custom qr code barcodes application in .NET developmental environments
  • Used with any KeepAutomation's qr code fonts to create qr code barcodes
  • Compatible with the latest QR code specification: ISO/IEC 18004: 2006
QR Code Encoders Provided
KeepAutomation provides a variety of QR Code font encoders and QR Code graphic drawer for displaying and printing the QR Code symbols from many applications. With the use of these QR Code encoders, we can integrate qr code fonts or qr code graphics into a variety of applications to generate or print QR Code barcodes.
Generate QR Code using QR Code Encoder .NET DLL
The following guide shows how to use the QR Code .NET DLL in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  1. Download the QR Code font encoder .NET DLL tool and unzip it
  2. Copy the KAQRCode.dll to the .NET project directory
  3. Do not copy the KAQRCode.dll file to the bin directory, as it will be automatically done when compiling the project.
  4. Add a reference to the QR Code .NET DLL. Click View and then open Solution Explorer
  5. Right click References under Solution Explorer and Select Add Reference and click Browse on the Add Reference dialog
  6. Choose KAQRCode.dll and click Open. Click OK on the Add Reference dialog.
  7. Create a class object in the .NET projects in C# or VB.
  8. Format the data to be encoded to text string for the qr code 2D font
  9. After formatting the text for qr code font, generate and print the text with the qr code 2D font
At times, there may be a few white lines appear within the QR code barcode generated. It can be customized with the line space property. If white lines appear in horizontal direction when generating the QR code barcodes, please refer to one of the below solution to remove them.
  • Set the line space property to 0, and the space after each line to 0.
  • Disable space parameters between paragraphs that have the same style.
  • Remove automatic spacing after each paragraph.
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