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Davy Crockett
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Common kitchen-variety Ohio Blue Tip Matches advertise they strike anywhere That s what the customer wanted and that s what the customer got, and still gets today The box labeled Made in the USA opens the question of how this product survived the onslaughts of time, space, and matter: cheap Asian imports, the advent of butane lighters, marked changes in the habits and lifestyles of the buying public, technological advances, and so forth My twofold answer to this question is they did not ignore that indelible reason that a business survives: It gives real life in terms of buying power to its customers, and gives its customers what they are not currently getting from markets I ll expand on this no, actually focus on this almost entirely as we go along since I believe the talent issue, to include not judging the customer in a real-world sense, is what we most miscalculated about dot-commers But then, too, what we most misjudged about ourselves is what we ve always misjudged about ourselves The vast majority of smaller businesses changing hands in the United States are still like the examples presented elsewhere in the book What we ve
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Dot-Com Information Technology
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always differentiated in business valuation has been tangible asset value and intangible asset value as homogenous components of a collective value to wit, hard assets as employed to produce cash ows producing total values But as any small-business owner or serious-minded smallbusiness buyer/seller can attest, that handy-dandy loan-to-value ratio of one s friendly banker does not get elevated much over collateralizing what can be touched and felt (tangible property) Fair market values of hard assets will continue for some time to call the shots in terms of borrowed capital from the host of banking institutions But means for borrowing shifted Why The new kid on the block: intellectual property The online technology era has elevated Angels and Venture Capitalists (VC) into their full glory Few traditional lending sources are incorporated to accept the high risks associated with lending on intangible assets, and the dreams of would-be entrepreneurs Differing from traditional lenders, Angels and VCs often take ownership stakes in ventures funded Holding these equity positions gives them the perfect right to get in one s face, even when things appear to be going well The VC is commonly the highly educated and competent nancial person, but tends to lack hands-on operating skill On the other hand, the Angel is most apt to be the high-networth individual with direct hands-on management experience Unlike traditional lenders, VC and Angel alike hasten for quick returns from their vested capital The exit objective for both is generally ve to seven years (ie, impatient capital) Exit strategies target public offerings of stock (IPOs) or the enterprise s outright sale From the date of birthing, the dot-com founder was forced into maintaining high focus on satisfying investors short-term needs versus long-term operation not that he or she hadn t been interested in the quick-buck-and-out all along, too The arena is now full of the walking wounded or the dead Many remaining founders are disillusioned, disheartened, or downright discouraged According to numerous articles, it seems those out ts faring best are the ones who self-funded or used other patient capital and stuck to old concepts of planned long-term growth Venture Capitalist, Angel, and founder greed played a major role in launching a host of ill-conceived ideas The teacher has taught Why so much failure cresting at once Prosperous times, for one reason Another, summed by something heard at an MIT Capital Forum near the peak of this period: Too much money chasing too few good deals! You don t experience such widespread business failure until two or more elements play in the game Running a business becomes a nancial matter only after you have gained suf cient customer-buying to cause sales to generate expenses, the need to pay the bills During its launching stage,
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