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[50] Strategic Marketing
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however, be applied When the brand is dominant, it draws its customers from all segments In such circumstances targeting a selection of segments may reduce instead of increase sales Success with an undifferentiated mass market strategy depends on there being large numbers of customers with more or less common needs and a product with suf cient features and bene ts to provide all of the required product bene ts, eg Coca-Cola produces nearly the same product for each market worldwide and promotes it in the same way A differentiated strategy means operating in two or more segments using separate marketing strategies in each segment A differentiated approach can have the effect of enlarging the size of the total market, but costs are increased By following a niche strategy the organization selects a single segment in the market which represents the best opportunity for the organization to serve customers well and builds a defensible competitive position against new entrants Organizations following such a strategy often seek dominance through specialization The key advantage of a niche strategy is that the organization may be able to obtain specialization economies Niche markets are typi ed by specialist needs among small groups of customers served by few competitors To be successful in a market niche the organization must understand the needs of its customers thoroughly Niche customers are usually very loyal and pay a premium for the attention they receive
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Macro segmentation criteria
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Cultural and geographic segmentation
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One of the simpler management approaches to market segmentation is to treat different cultural and geographic regions or countries as different market segments This approach is very common in large market areas like the US or Europe At a very general level European markets are often treated as similar based on language, geographic proximity and level of development The value of this approach depends on the existence of regional disparities in tastes or usage or some other important criterion Usually there is a market variation in consumption patterns but this is not always the case In some markets, mass media, transportation and multiple production locations have substantially eroded many of these differences based on geographic factors Many differences still remain, however, and the emergence of local differences based on ethnic, cultural and regional factors suggests the possibility of successful geographic segmentation In Europe many geographic and regional differences continue to exist in major markets The same is true in the US though until recently this was ignored by many large organizations
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Demographic and related characteristics
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Demographic features are also used to segment markets For some products consumption is positively related to age Clothing, holiday centres and
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Market segmentation and positioning [51]
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confectionery snack products are examples; older customers tend to buy more than younger people Product consumption can similarly be related to a person s gender Men and women buy different products and have different needs The family life cycle may also be relevant to the purchase of consumer durables Family size can yield different consumption patterns, as may educational attainment Families with adult children and older people also have different needs and expenditure patterns Social class and income have been used extensively as segmentation variables as they are thought to in uence consumer behaviour Using social class as a segmentation variable means classifying customers into groups which manifest different buying behaviour Classi cation has traditionally been determined by the world of work which has changed dramatically in recent years But classi cations based on occupation are beginning to lose their appeal because of the increasing complexity of occupations and the unsubstantiated presumptions about the composition of households
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Micro segmentation criteria
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Segmentation on the basis of usage
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Selection of important market segments may be discovered by studying several product dimensions: usage of the category frequency of use heavy, moderate and light users brand use and brand share product attitudes Segmenting markets on the basis of usage is very popular Many markets can be segmented into non-users, previous users, potential users, rst-time users and regular users of a product or service Organizations with high market share frequently attempt to convert potential users into actual users while smaller organizations try to encourage users of competing brands to switch to their brand Potential users and regular users require different marketing approaches Segmenting the market on the basis of usage is a strategy often used by large organizations with resources to develop numerous brands aimed at different market segments Bacardi launched ve speci c brands of rum, each aimed at a different segment of the market for alcoholic spirits: Silver Rum to compete with vodka and gin Amber Rum to compete with American whiskey Gold Reserve to compete with brandies
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