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We also have a strange ability to feel what is not there For example, BlackBerry users who set their phones to vibrate on receipt of a call are developing a phantom relationship with the device They sense vibrations even when there is no call coming through Watch a modern of ce communicate and you see a kind of electric empathy in action, but this time it is accomplished with speedy electronic devices, such as BlackBerrys and other mobile computers It still looks a lot like telepathy people collaborating and sharing their thoughts and feelings only it s arti cial The computer and the Internet also contribute to group social action and rapid communications and movement, almost as if we had restored the old jungle telegraph used by our ancestors A rumor about mad cow disease goes viral over the Internet and in short order rioting breaks out in Korea to prevent US food imports Web organized ash mobs gather around the world to do silent disco demos or world wide pillow ghts My point being, we have invented these arti cial communications devices to ll a need and extend part of ourselves that in some cases exists in a fantasy, that we can share thoughts magically But who knows We have nervous systems based on electrical impulses between neurons Maybe we will discover that there is a deeper quantum level of communications between and among human beings, an electromagnetic ocean that is beyond the rational and the sensual In the meantime, we will be relying more and more on machine telepathy where real telepathy fails, and this will change our civilization utterly
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It s time to study where we are going with this coming technological medium and listen to what it is telling us If you have a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Google Android in your pocket, you already have a primitive TeleBrain companion
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The Rise of the TeleBrain
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Let s see how it works First, it needs a name I m calling mine Deanna, after the doe-eyed Betazoid empath and ship s counselor in Star Trek, The Next Generation You can call yours Spock, or perhaps Scotty, after the irascible Scottish engineer in the original Star Trek Beam me up, Scotty So, we re in San Francisco walking around It s lunchtime You ask Deanna, via the radio in your sunglasses, Deanna, know any good restaurants around here Mexican Authentic 45 stars Sure, she says La Taqueria $895 for the burrito special Voted Best Burrito in San Francisco Vibe: boisterous Cash only Okay Want to see the menu Say menu Want to hear a review Say review No, reserve for three at twelve-thirty They don t take reservations How do I get there It s twenty blocks west and south on Mission Want a projection Bus or BART Projection BART Here s the street Get off at 24th and walk south half a block on the west side This is a simple TeleBrain activity and is available right now to varying degrees, including a street view in Google maps, from a voice-activated device with a browser To come up with La Taqueria, Deanna simply went into speech recognition mode, accessed the database in the cloud and then passed over to local resources She then found out where you were and then looked at the location database and the businesses database and then gave you all your local Mexican 45 star restaurants by name Here s another example, with more subtle recommendations based on the weather and other less obvious options
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After lunch, we want to go to Sausalito to visit Lexicon Naming, the company that came up with the BlackBerry name Deanna, what s the best way to get to Lexicon Naming in Sausalito It s a nice, sunny afternoon I recommend the Sausalito Ferry from Pier 43, Fisherman s Wharf In Sausalito, turn right and walk up Bridgeway Boulevard past Dunphy Park and turn right on Liberty Ship Way It s number thirty I see no fog in the forecast Want to ride there and take the ferry back Sure Okay, I recommend Blazing Saddles, Bike the Bridge, or Bike and Roll Twenty- ve dollars a day, but I can get you a $5 discount Helmets and bike locks are included They have outlets by the ferry Reviews say be careful your bike is properly tuned before you start off Watch for scams Don t pay anything extra on return Want a map of the route Want to ride on to Tiburon And so on All this Deanna activity is a programmed use of databases that already exist, as well as technologies such as Bluetooth and GPS If you want to dig deeper, you can access an increasing number of reviews, geo-tagged images and videos, and so on So if this is what we can do now with a smartphone, what s coming in the future with the mobile TeleBrain First, let s look at evolving and converging technologies
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Neither the naked hand nor the understanding left to itself can effect much It is by instruments and helps that the work is done, which are as much wanted for the understanding as for the hand Francis Bacon
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