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RIM a percentage of sales, even if they do deep discount pricing RIM nancials remain stable, largely due to its lock on corporate e-mailing Even fans of Apple think it s terri c to have one elite company challenge the other In the end, consumers all win from the explosion of creativity by the world s two greatest device makers
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BlackBerry Jam
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The BlackBerry solves the paradox of modern life Until you use a BlackBerry, you just don t get it You are connected for both the crisis and the opportunity You can respond to your boss, but at the same time you have the freedom to walk to the corner store and get a cup of coffee Mike Lazaridis So, if smartphones like the BlackBerry are so wonderful, how come there is a growing chorus of complaints from the corporate choir Like its namesake fruit, the BlackBerry has a lot of delicious advantages for users It s a sweet solution to the hunger for connection found in the modern world Packed with technological antioxidants and avenoids, it boosts the immune system of the enterprise, enabling workers to perform at their peak And used in a focused way to do business in groups, it makes an excellent corporate spread But BlackBerry consumption has a downside Some people have problems with dependence Too much intake can lead to upset employees, who cannot stomach the demands placed on
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them to be available 24/7 Careless users can easily get entangled in the sharp brambles that surround the BlackBerry environment You have to exercise extra caution when picking this fruit from a range of other devices on the shelf And making jam with the BlackBerry can mark the user with stains that are very hard to remove
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To be sure, RIM s BlackBerry is a kick-butt tool for productive people, but it is a whole lot more It has altered our boundaries of work and play and permanently changed the way we behave It has become an integral part of the modern of ce and in some cases is the heart of a new mobile of ce that is more virtual than real: Canadian mining promoter Robert Friedland says his BlackBerry investment has paid for itself many times over he no longer operates from a xed of ce, but keeps ahead of the game from his corporate jet and his BlackBerry, halfway between Toronto and Mongolia Productivity counts big when it boosts the bottom line A 2007 Ipsos Reid survey for RIM claims the BlackBerry gives companies a major and measurable return on investment (ROI) The study looked at BlackBerry deployment across 1,387 IT departments and 1,335 BlackBerry users It came up with these gures: Personal Productivity: The typical end user was converting sixty minutes of downtime into productive time per day This can equate to 250 hours per user per year in recovered downtime Work ow: In addition to their own personal productivity, mobile staff use BlackBerry to keep work moving for others while they are out of the of ce The average BlackBerry user reports that BlackBerry boosts the ef ciency of the
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BlackBerry Jam
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teams that they work with by 38 percent, a marked increase over the 2004 average of 29 percent reported at that time This can equate to more than US$33,000 per BlackBerry user per year based on international productivity per employee data Immediacy: The typical BlackBerry user processes 2,500 time-sensitive e-mails per year while mobile and more than 1,200 phone calls per year The value of this immediacy is dif cult to quantify, but the study estimated the average user saves more than US$5,000 a year, thanks to having immediate access to and acting on BlackBerry-delivered info BlackBerry ROI varied by individual The study calculated a minimum of 238 percent or a payback period of 154 days This was up from 162 percent in 2004 because of the growing BlackBerry use among operations level staff who likely have more slack time to convert than executives The higher the percentage of staff with BlackBerry, the more work ow economies A separate study also concluded that BlackBerry users tend to put in more hours than your average employee and earn higher salaries
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BlackBerrys are no longer executive perks or tech toys Examples abound on the bene ts of BlackBerrys in the modern of ce, even when that of ce ies at 30,000 feet Australian airline QANTAS has 400 cabin staff toting the devices to replace paper-based customer service forms Answers recorded on the BlackBerry are synchronized with computers after landing, and the data is downloaded This kind of mobile technology can give rise to ROI periods measured in months
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