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The Planet Goes BlackBerry
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He listed his e-mail address publicly, and personally answered hundreds of constituent e-mails a day He feels his administration helped change how the government and people interrelate and helped make Floridians generally more hopeful and optimistic In December 2006, Jeb Bush unveiled his of cial portrait at the governor s mansion in Tallahassee It showed him standing beside a bookshelf, with his personal BlackBerry next to a picture of his family
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In just the rst few weeks, I ve had to engage in some of the toughest diplomacy of my life And that was just to keep my BlackBerry Barack Obama During the 2008 US election campaign, Barack Obama campaign director David Axelrod got more and more frustrated when team attention wandered away during strategy meetings and participants went into BlackBerry Prayer Position Even candidate Obama would sneak a peek at his device So Axelrod came up with a brutal way of dealing with the problem: during work sessions, at the rst sign of people getting into position, he ordered all participants, Obama included, to unholster their BlackBerrys and place them in the center of the table Obama was the rst true BlackBerry candidate During the campaign, aides did not send him printed stacks of brie ng books but rather e-mailed digests to his BlackBerry for review He looked at longer documents on his laptop computer, putting his editorial changes in red type He also relied on his BlackBerry to keep the home res burning, e-mailing his wife and daughters constantly And before bed, he played a few games of BrickBreaker to unwind; reports say the president s high score is around 15,000
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Right after Obama s election win, he replied to a friend s congratulatory e-mail from his BlackBerry with the line How about that Ultimately, Obama had to face the same BlackBerry issues as George W Bush Even though he was elected in the most technologically sophisticated presidential campaign in history, the Secret Service told Obama he would have to give up his BlackBerry for security reasons, once installed as chief executive Hackers around the world would rise to the challenge of getting into the e-mail of the most important smartphone on Earth look how easily amateur hackers got into Sarah Palin s personal e-mail account (govpalin@yahoocom) during the election campaign Also, every word a president generated by way of correspondence had to be archived Finally, the White House was heavily protected by an electronic security eld, and wireless didn t work too well inside Imagine you re Barack Obama, said Michael Agger in Slate Your operatives played social media like a ddle while coordinating eld operations via text message, e-mail blast, and iPhone app You proved yourself to be a modern info-executive with your 3 am e-mails and your preference for reviewing docs on your BlackBerry Now, you re preparing to enter the White House, and your BlackBerry is about to be ripped from your clutches 6 Said Obama advisor Linda Douglas, Given how important it is for him to get un ltered information from as many sources as possible, I can imagine he will miss that freedom Campaign manager David Plouffe said that losing his BlackBerry would be more than just an inconvenience for Obama: It s an important way for him to operate with his colleagues, but also it s very important for him to stay in touch with his friends and his family It s
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6 Michael Agger, Luddite in Chief: Why Barack Obama Should Keep His BlackBerry, Slate, November 21, 2008
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The Planet Goes BlackBerry
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something he s really struggling with He does live his life through technology 7 Barack Obama had the guts to quit smoking during the election campaign; now the most powerful man on the planet was told he was going to have to go cold turkey on his BarackBerry as well No doubt his wife, Michelle, had mixed feelings An amateur video clip taken in Chicago showed her slapping her husband s hand when he took his BlackBerry from his holster to check his e-mail during his daughter s soccer game He quickly put it back Later in the game, the clip showed him patting his holster absentmindedly but not daring to pull out the device Obama was well aware he would have a harder time kicking his BlackBerry addiction, and in a post-election interview with Barbara Walters, he said that he was trying to nd a way to keep both his BlackBerry and personal e-mail account: One of the things that I m going to have to work through is how to break through the isolation, the bubble that exists around the president And I m in the process of negotiating with the Secret Service, with lawyers, with White House staff to gure out how can I get information from outside of the 10 or 12 people who surround my of ce in the White House Because one of the worst things I think that can happen to a president is losing touch with the struggles that people are going through every day Some commentators felt that breaking his BlackBerry habit would be a good thing for Obama Would the United States have wanted a BlackBerry president anyway, and a self-confessed CrackBerry addict to boot Some studies show that BlackBerry-wielding
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7 Jeff Zeleny, Lose the BlackBerry Yes He Can, Maybe, The New York Times, November 15, 2008
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