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staff from his seat at the Papal Mass at the Washington Nationals ballpark to change the language of a resolution welcoming Pope Benedict XVI, since the wording had offended Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) Brownback loves how his BlackBerry cuts down meeting time and workload but says, I do see it as distracting at times When you re in meetings and you get hit with a BlackBerry message and you get so trained to respond to the jolt at your side, I see it as distracting people, and in a way that is not very mannerly 22
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The Mother of Parliaments in Westminster was not immune to the BlackBerry dilemma either In February 2005, Michael Martin, the speaker of the British House of Commons, issued a ruling that MPs would be ejected from the chamber if they used their BlackBerrys or other handheld devices during debate He also cautioned members against using hidden earpieces Speakers and their deputies had long frowned on the use of electronic devices in the Commons chamber, and the chirp of a mobile or pager could result in a strong rebuke or ejection by the sergeant at arms At the time, messaging in and out of the chamber during debates was restricted to slips of paper passed by lackeys wearing black tail-coated uniforms Speaker Martin s raspberry to the BlackBerry came one day after he spied several MPs tapping on their BlackBerrys during debates When questioned by the press, most MPs agreed with his ruling, although Labour MP Sir Peter Soulsby later admitted, Many of us use them rather covertly, both in committees and in the chamber Yet only two years later, it was clear to the speaker that a boundary line had been crossed He was nding his 2005 dictate
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22 Daniel Libit, Are Members BlackBerry Addicts Politico, June 11, 2008
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The Planet Goes BlackBerry
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too hard to enforce more and more members seemed lost in prayer during the most long-winded speeches, and he knew exactly what that meant Finally, in 2007, the Commons Modernisation Committee asked the speaker to allow handheld devices in the Commons so backbenchers could make better use of their time Most agreed with committee chair Jack Straw, who said that lengthy speeches and long waits before being called upon to ask a question can mean backbench MPs are left twiddling their thumbs for hours And that boredom leads to low morale and may even be discouraging some MPs from attending parliamentary debates His report, entitled Revitalising the Chamber: The Role of the Back Bencher, concluded that The use of handheld devices to keep up to date with emails should be permitted in the chamber provided that it causes no disturbance On October 29, 2007, after three hours of debate, the members voted seventy-four votes to thirty-six to allow handheld use in the House of Commons Meanwhile, in Norway, where BlackBerrys and other PDAs are allowed, one bored parliamentarian was censured after he was found playing BrickBreaker on his BlackBerry during a debate on Norway s military action in Afghanistan So, apparently e-mailing in Parliament is okay these days, but entertaining yourself is de nitely not
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Technology is part of our bodies Electric technology is directly related to our central nervous systems Those parts of ourselves that we thrust out in the form of new invention are attempts to counter or neutralize collective pressures and irritations But this counter irritant usually proves a greater plague than the initial irritant, like a drug habit Marshall McLuhan
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In Washington, world capital of workaholism, many young professionals nd BlackBerrys a godsend They re proud of their capacity for suffering, for not having a life off the Hill, and for their 24/7 work culture, and the BlackBerry is a big part of that culture But in that same Washington milieu that has so enthusiastically adopted BlackBerrys, there are signs of dissent, and they come from more senior politicians and pundits Some are arguing that the device has put too much power of access in the hands of donors, lobbyists, and friends, with a hotline to the member s BlackBerry, while regular constituents have to e-mail a general inbox Former Oklahoma Representative Mickey Edwards, who now lectures on government at Princeton University, thinks all the constant input from linked-in constituents makes partisan politics worse It s just going to lock you in tighter and tighter to your preconceived positions It works toward more polarization Steve Frantzich, a professor of political science at the US Naval Academy, says handheld usage reduces George Washington s cooling saucer by allowing members less time for deliberation and more tendency to respond without much thinking Having a BlackBerry makes a member of Congress always on, with little downtime or little ability to say, I don t know They re not really free agents anymore, adds former House historian Raymond Smock They re captives of whoever contacts them next 23 Other Capitol Hill BlackBerry users feel that this new technology is enslaving them even as it sets them free On the one hand, most love to feel untethered and free with mobile smartphones such as the BlackBerry But many also hate it when e-mail interrupts their lives, shackling them to a new ball and chain when they feel compelled to use them wherever and whenever
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