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In 2003, the PI moved into its elegant new quarters, a complex that looks more like an upscale resort than a think-tank, with courtyards, working replaces, foosball tables, a grand piano, and a re ecting pool, where brainiacs can ponder how to unify relativity and quantum mechanics, what Lazaridis calls the holy grail of physics Most rooms have wall-to-wall blackboards with dusty oors, where physicists meet to chat and chalk up their formulae The main dining area has no long refectory tables, the theory being shorter tables encourage particle physicists to eat at the same table as astrophysicists and mathematicians The goal of Perimeter is to create an atmosphere where physicists and other leading theoreticians can brainstorm to their hearts content, free of academic distractions Some of the planet s best hang out at Perimeter, including information theorist Raymond La amme, originally from Los Alamos National Lab, together with several dozen ve-year appointees and post-doctoral students La amme is known as the person who changed Stephen Hawking s mind about the direction of time in a contracting universe Another PI appointee, John Moffat, is a self-taught physicist In 1953, he was a starving artist in Copenhagen when he wrote Albert Einstein a letter questioning the assumptions of his uni ed eld theory Einstein wrote back, a friendly letter, and he and Moffatt remained lifelong correspondents Perhaps the most radical of the PI theorists, Lee Smolin, puts forward the suggestion that we may live in a fecund universe, where every black hole leads to another universe Lazaridis wanted the PI to have a practical orientation from the start, exploring and developing technology that could change the world What we have and enjoy today is a result of physics discoveries, he says Maxwell s equations are an example of physics discoveries that have been commercialized Marconi invented wireless transmissions from Maxwell s discoveries
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The Rise of the TeleBrain
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La amme agrees Think about the Industrial Revolution, he says Suddenly, people see steam and they are able to harness it, control it, and make machines Locomotives changed the landscape of cities and, at the same time, the fabric of society itself when we think of quantum computing, that s the vision we have Developing practical ways to compute by the use of quantum interactions is a major thrust at Perimeter Another focus is re ning the loop quantum theory of gravity, where space-time is a foamy network of intersecting loops (spin networks) This particular project is not a politically correct one and has raised the radar of some conventional superstring quantum theorists, perhaps envious of the PI s funding They believe that the fundamental particles in the universe are actually multidimensional strings vibrating at different frequencies For some superstringers, the PI s loop quantum approach is clearly contrarian, even heretical, and some have insinuated that the PI is a rich man s toy In 2001, Harvard physicist Lubos Motl stepped over the line and publicly insulted Lazaridis, posting on a newsgroup that it was a well known fact that the billionaire s opinion of what theoretical physics means is naive Back on BlackBerry Planet, the billionaire shrugged off the trash talk, joking that the physicists merely humor him and are kind enough to tolerate his presence But La amme recognizes that Lazaridis is an intensely practical man seriously in awe of what they are doing at Perimeter Mike Lazaridis s curiosity is beyond bounds He wants to know the little details of how things work and the big pictures of where things are going And he wants to connect the dots in between
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The idea of entanglement grabbed me in my second year of university because it was so nonsensical You couldn t
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