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Information Technology
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Other innovations show India utilizing technology to develop educational, nancial, and navigational tools that have the potential to catch on worldwide On the education front, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has developed a software program to teach India s 200 million illiterates to read in their own language Words oat across the computer screen while a narrator repeats the sounds In a test, TCS engineers found that in 10 weeks adults learned enough to sign their names and slowly read a newspaper In the nancial realm, ICICI Bank has developed a product that bundles micro loans to provide double-digit returns to investors, while helping small entrepreneurs and farmers, particularly women, create jobs and other career opportunities for themselves Bangalore s HCL designed a navigation system for Airbus A340 and A320 Jetliners in just 18 months
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Six Sizzling Markets
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Nine hundred engineers of Texas Instruments Bangalore chip-design operation have 225 patents, and Bangalore s Intel campus is leading worldwide research on 32-bit microprocessors for servers and wireless chips These are corporate crown jewels, says Intel s India president Ketan Sawpal (Engardio, 2006, p 50) Sequoia Capital s Michael Moritz, who nurtured Google, Flextronics, and Agile Software, states, We can barely imagine investing in a company without at least asking what their plans are for India He adds, India has seeped into the marrow of the valley (Engardio, 2006) India has over 1,500 research laboratories Between 2002 and 2003, they led over 1,700 patents with the US Patent Of ce, and over 15,000 patents in India (Aaron Chaze, India: An Investor s Guide to the Next Economic Superpower Singapore: John Wiley & Sons, 2006)
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Slum Computer
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NIIT is a computer training company and a pioneer in working with various states in providing computer education in schools, particularly in rural areas In an experiment, Sugan Mitra, NIIT s head of research, placed a computer in a Delhi slum He xed it into a boundary wall along with a touch pad but without a keyboard He also hung a hidden camera on a tree to monitor what happened Within a week, he found that the illiterate slum children had begun sur ng the Net, and in three months created a thousand folders among them The most avid users were six- to twelve-year-olds who had taught themselves to draw on the computer and browse the Web Disneycom was the most popular site because of the games The children also liked the Microsoft paint site They had never had access to paper and paint, and now they could paint without paper And once they discovered MP3 digital music les, they began to download Hindi lm music and played it all day long Dr Mitra found that some ninth-graders were able to teach themselves physics concepts directly from the Internet without the aid of a teacher The slum experiment also teaches that up to a point the English language is not a barrier Dr Mitra s slum computer had a Hindi interface that gave kids links to hook up with web sites on their own These computer experts compare learning computer literacy to learning how to ride a bike both are intuitive and dif cult to explain
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Source: Das Gurcharan, India Unbound New York: Random House, 2002, p 339
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Power in Numbers
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Indians are aware of the limited time and advantage in erce competition from the likes of China, Brazil, and eastern Europe all pushing hard to share in the technology and outsourcing boom Indians want to ourish and not just exist That shows up time and again in conversations both inside and outside the country with Indians ranging from average to extraordinary
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Open Trade: Neutral
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India has historically been one of the most restrictive countries in terms of open trade, seeking to protect its domestic markets Thus, reforms aimed at placing India in the mainstream of the world s competitive markets will require more massive adjustments compared with those of its neighbors Consequently, it receives a neutral ranking China, for example, reduced its average tariff by 72 percent from 43 percent in 1992 to12 percent in 2002 During the same period, India reduced its average tariff by 75 percent, but because its starting tariffs were an astounding 128 percent, the net result was a reduction to 32 percent Its tariffs still rank among the highest in the world and more than twice that of China Nevertheless, since 1991, India has increasingly embraced an open trade policy, and many critical economic sectors, such as infrastructure and laborintensive manufacturing, are opening up to partnerships with private industry India s economy may not yet look like that of Australia and Canada, but it is inching its way toward broader and deeper accessibility Indeed, India s trade with the European Union (EU) represents nearly 20 percent of the country s exports In 2007, the EU began negotiating the terms of a free trade agreement with India that could lead to signi cantly more trade in the near future India s global trade, valued at more than $430 billion, is rising at 8 percent a year due to continued strong worldwide demand for the country s high-technology services and labor-intensive manufacturing Reforms that have helped narrow the gap between India s trade policies and those of other developing nations, such as China, are helping India secure better trade relations with Western countries Trade within the Asian region is also growing because of strong economic growth in China and the continuing development of the region s other emerging economies Rural reforms include expanded nancial services as banks and investment rms build service capacity in rural areas Citibank, Bank of America, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank are some of the large multinationals opening rural branches or buying stakes in India s domestic banks Citibank alone has invested nearly $1 billion in the last two years to expand its operations in India s markets
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