Why Invest in These Six Sizzling Markets in .NET

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Why Invest in These Six Sizzling Markets
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TABLE 11 Estimated Change in Real GDP, 2005 to 2050
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Country United States Japan Germany China United Kingdom France Italy Canada Spain South Korea Brazil India Mexico Russia Australia 2005 GDP ($millions) 12,485,725 4,571,314 2,797,343 2,224,811 2,201,473 2,105,864 1,766,160 1,130,208 1,126,565 793,070 792,683 775,410 768,437 766,180 707,992 Estimated annual GDP growth 24% 12% 15% 63% 19% 19% 15% 26% 23% 33% 54% 76% 48% 46% 26% 2050 GDP 36,300,434 7,819,232 5,466,604 34,776,833 5,135,132 4,912,116 3,451,453 3,587,481 3,134,439 3,418,424 8,451,368 20,945,156 6,336,741 5,797,712 2,247,292 % change 2907 1710 1954 1,5631 2333 2333 1954 3174 2782 4310 1,0662 2,7012 8246 7567 3174
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comparison, economic growth in the United States is forecast at a modest 24 percent per year This translates to a 1,500 percent increase in GDP for China versus a 290 percent increase in GDP for the United States Hence, one might expect stock prices in the BRIC+2 countries to appreciate at a much faster rate over the next several decades than prices in countries with slower economic growth (see Table 11) How much of the expected future growth in BRIC+2 countries is already factored into current stock prices This is an important consideration if future growth is already priced into the market, then investors could not expect windfall returns One way to address this question is to look at the relationship between market capitalization and GDP Market capitalization measures the current value of the all of the stocks traded in a given country Again referring to the Gordon rule, if stock prices generally rise as GDP increases, then market capitalization would also rise as GDP increases Actual market capitalization data may indicate that individual BRIC+2 markets are underdeveloped or undervalued An underdeveloped market means that companies are not issuing public stock to raise capital, but are relying instead on other sources of funding such as debt or private equity An undervalued market is one in which stock prices are lower than might be expected given companies future earning prospects and cash ows Market capitalization data can indicate that one or both of these factors is at play China s economy, for example, expanded at an average of 7 percent to 10
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Six Sizzling Markets
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percent annually from 1999 through 2006 While its stock market returns moved up and down during that period, the cumulative return was 02 percent, or essentially at (according to the CITIC China 30 index cumulative return) Its market capitalization at the end of 2006 was just short of $600 billion, which was less than 30 percent of GDP In contrast, the US market capitalization was approximately $23 trillion at the end of 2006, about 175 percent of domestic GDP Another approach to assessing valuation is to look at price-to-earnings (PE) ratios For example, Union Bank of Switzerland estimated in 2007 that BRICs were trading at about 11 times estimated earnings, compared to a multiple of 13 times earnings for the world market index and about 17 times earnings for the US-focused S&P 500 index This clearly demonstrates that BRIC stocks are undervalued Within the individual BRIC countries there are signi cant variations, with some markets and companies priced closer to actual values than others Thus, investors will need to be selective in allocating their BRIC+2 investment dollars to speci c countries and stocks
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Diversi cation Bene ts of Developing Market Investing
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Investments in BRIC+2 countries offer opportunities to diversify among companies that may be underrepresented in the US economy Some of the largest companies in Mexico and Russia, for example, are commodity companies that are without peers in the United States, such as Cemex and GazProm India, Brazil, and China also offer opportunities to participate in the potential growth of industry leaders Brazil, for example, began industrializing in the 1930s, and today is home to some of the world s largest companies, in industries ranging from aerospace to soft drinks Thus, investments in these developing markets may offer investors growth potential that is superior to many alternatives When combined with investments in US stocks, holdings in companies based in developing markets can also help lower the overall variability in portfolio return Developing markets tend not to move in lockstep with the United States, so when the US stock market is declining, developing markets may be rising In nancial terms, this is known as correlation It is always desirable that portfolios be made up of investments that do not correlate with each other in order to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio Perfect correlation is indicated by a correlation coef cient of 100, indicating that markets move together in lockstep On average, the correlation coef cient between the US market and developing markets is about 060, indicating that there are signi cant opportunities to bene t from diversi cation
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