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MSCI Mexico Index Sector Weights (as of August 31, 2007) Float-adjusted shares (% of investiable index market capitalization) 3792 1992 1772 1098 927 396
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Economic sector (Global Industry Classi cation System) Telecommunication Services Materials Consumer Staples Consumer Discretionary Industrials Financials
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The Second Mexican Independence
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In the remainder of the chapter, we will discuss these and other investment opportunities available to a foreign investor
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Telecommunication Services
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The telecommunications sector includes providers of land phones, mobile phones, and broadband communications Mexico s telecommunications services industry is dominated by a few large rms battling for supremacy throughout Latin America Am rica Movil is headquartered in Mexico and is e the region s largest multinational cellular provider, with more than 140 million mobile subscribers Its Mexican subsidiary, Telcel, is the largest mobile operator in Mexico, with market share of more than 80 percent The other major company in Mexico is Telmex, which provides landline phone ser vices and broadband Am rica Movil and Telmex are controlled by Mexican e billionaire Carlos Slim According to Company Financial Reports, the major competitor in the region is Telefonica SA, which signi cantly expanded its hold on the South and Central American market in 2004 when it purchased BellSouth s properties for $585 billion Moderate penetration rates in Mexico and in much of Latin America continue to offer near-term growth prospects for mobile operators and Internet services
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The basic materials sector includes industries in building materials such as sand, stone and cement, chemicals, packaging materials, and metals and mining Mexico s chemicals industry is composed almost entirely of private companies that collectively represent more than 90 percent of the Mexican market (http://goliathecnextcom/coms2/gi 0199-3915591/Grassrootexpansions-planned-in-Mexicohtml) In the metals and mining segment, privately owned Grupo M xico (Grupo M xico SA de CV) dominates e e the domestic market and is the third largest copper producer in the world Pe oles, another mining company with operations in silver and other metals, n is a subsidiary company owned by the private rm Grupo Bal Since these rms are privately owned, they are not accessible to individual investors More realistic opportunities for US investors may lie in Mexico s building materials industry This industry is likely to bene t from additional investments in domestic infrastructure, such as a proposed $37 billion upgrade in Mexico s transportation system The plan includes $26 billion for improving highways and constructing three new airports and an additional $11 billion in ports and railways Companies within this sector include Cemex SAB, one of the world s largest cement companies In 2007, Cemex acquired Australia s leading
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Six Sizzling Markets
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building materials company in a deal worth $14 billion, giving it a market share of nearly 100 percent in Mexico and around 50 percent in the United States While the US demand for building materials may cool somewhat depending on credit conditions and the housing market, many emerging markets will likely continue to see demand to support new infrastructure and housing
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Consumer Products (Staples and Discretionary)
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Consumer product companies include manufacturers of durable consumer products such as automobiles, services such as travel and leisure, retail chains, and staples such as food, apparel, housewares, and personal care products Among these segments, some possible investments in Mexico are companies in the retail, hospitality, and media industries Consumer industries generally fare well when populations and incomes are expanding Mexico s population is expanding and experiencing a declining dependency ratio This combination, coupled with stronger economic growth, could give rise to an increase in per-capita income that could fuel greater consumer spending on consumer discretionary and consumer staples
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AUTO PARTS AND COMPONENTS Consulting rm PriceWaterhouse Coopers forecasts that Mexico will jump from 11th in the world in automotive production today to fth place by 2011 Automotive accessories and component parts are also big business As per-capita incomes rise, car ownership is expected to increase, along with purchases of component parts that enhance the appearance of the vehicle and luxury items that customers buy to personalize their vehicles TRAVEL AND TOURISM Mexico s vital culture and sunny, warm weather make it a popular destination for tourists The WEF s Travel and Tourism Index 2007 ranked Mexico 47th out of 124 countries on its overall attractiveness as a tourist destination Several factors could drive increases in tourism in coming years According to Mexico s tourism secretariat, approximately 70 percent of tourists in Mexico come from the United States, and as the US population ages, a large number of Baby Boomers are entering retirement and may choose to travel Continued weakness in the dollar against the euro could also result in an above-normal in ux of visitors from the United States if Mexico is perceived as a more affordable destination Mexico is home to the world s seventh largest hotel industry, according to Mexico s tourism secretariat
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