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From quite a different direction natural disasters, sometimes allied with political maladministration, have also taken their toll 156 Purposeful and Useless Death
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on human life, with starvation and death becoming distinctive features of international political life in the second half of the twentieth century The 1980s response to the Ethiopian Famine in the form of the Live Aid concert focused on Bob Geldof was a good example of an event that brought together hundreds of pop music stars from across the world linked by immense international television technology and reaching more people at one time than, probably, had ever been achieved before This was, in a sense, the rst wonder of the international pop music world and was a direct response to the reality of starvation and death revealed to the world in picture form and responded to in a form of entertainment which took that word into a new level of moral signi cance The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997 witnessed the next most dramatic engagement of the mass media with a human tragedy This time it was sharply individual, focused on a high-pro le individual rather than on an anonymous population The ritual occasion of her very public funeral elicited what the media constantly described as an outpouring of emotion and discussed in terms of the uniqueness of the massed response In actual historical fact, very similar public reactions had taken place within Britain over the deaths and funerals of numerous prominent persons, from the Duke of Wellington to David Livingstone to Edward VII to Winston Churchill These and other royal, political and military gures of Great Britain have been admirably documented and analysed by John Wolffe (2000) Such deaths, whether quite sudden and unexpected or long anticipated, nevertheless led to large public gatherings and a display of emotion What is obvious in them all is the way in which the deceased person is used as a means of re ecting upon prime values of a society Such great deaths , as Wolffe describes them, illustrate the way in which values are embodied in and through someone s life It is when they die that eulogies and newspapers, sermons and television elucidate those values and praise them in the lives Purposeful and Useless Death 157
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that have been lived This re ects on a large scale and national stage much of what often occurs locally in the words of appreciation of a life that accompany most deaths But, with the great and the good, it is not simply a case of not speaking ill of the dead or nding something good to say about them even if it takes some doing, but an issue of placing their life within the historical ow of society Here a relatively limited number of themes come to the fore, especially those of dedicated service and selfsacri ce, values that are crucial for the well-being of society at large They can also be occasions on which negative values can be highlighted, especially in ideas of betrayal or disrespect as emerged in the case of Diana, Princess of Wales Much was made by the media at large of the view that she had been negatively treated by the Royal Family Such comment and, indeed, the way death at large is discussed for national gures is much in uenced by the deep cultural grammar of emotional value that exists in a country, not least that provided by Christianity Indeed, the history of most Christian-in uenced cultures has cherished the death of Christ, investing it with the highest signi cance as a sacri ce of one who was deemed to be divine, dying for the ultimate salvation of humanity That strong positive element, already detailed in chapter 1, can also be matched by the negative theme of betrayal as and when it might be appropriate The death of dedicated believers in contexts of martyrdom was also accorded high praise and this was extended to the death of soldiers ghting for the faith or, as the twentieth century came to express it, ghting for their countries against evil regimes The biblical text from St John s Gospel that includes the words Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15: 13) itself came to be adopted as an inscription upon thousands of war memorials High praise is also accorded to the death of parents and others who have given unstintingly of their care and time for the advantage of their children and community Most ordinary people are also, if at all possible, praised after their death in order to set 158 Purposeful and Useless Death
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their life within a worthwhile context Beyond such ordinary death can be found that of people on the very fringe of society, exempli ed, for example, by people who live on the streets and die in a doorway, sick and alone Modern societies will ensure that they are given a funeral but it is likely to be an extremely small and brief affair The purpose of such a death re ects what might be deemed the relative purposelessness of the life once lived since, frequently, the value of a death matches the value of a life in the eyes of society at large
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