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Location 2: Cremation and Remains
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While the advent of cremation in western society, as detailed in chapter 3, largely continued traditional Christian symbolism, it also opened up some quite new possibilities Crematoria were often but not always designed with echoes of ecclesiastical buildings so that the built-architectural event of cremation echoed that of burial forms of funeral service Ashes could be buried in graves along with cof ns, in mini-graves of their own or 120 Places of Memory
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could be strewn in gardens of remembrance at crematoria or in churchyards In those ways cremated remains bene ted from the pre-existing location of buried bodies or from the architecture of crematoria and their memorial gardens Columbaria, special buildings with niches or shelves for the urns containing cremated remains, also furnished concrete architectural events with a strong classical antecedent But, with time and changing social values, cremation opened the possibility of privatizing cremated remains Such remains were much more open to symbolic creativity than were dead bodies for people can do more with ashes than with corpses In fact it took until the mid-1970s for Britons to begin taking cremated remains away from crematoria and engaging in private rites, locating remains in a wide variety of personally chosen spots, often related to the interests, hobbies, or to the relationship of the dead Here was a new invention of tradition: people did novel things with material of a high symbolic value and did so quite apart from the formal rites and control of church or state Similarly, the design of crematoria began to alter, with a decrease in Christian symbolism or the possibility for the provision of many forms of religious or no-religious expression The nature of architectural allurement was shifting And this at a time when a large minority of Britons did not believe in life after death and, even if they did, they seldom tied it to traditional ideas of resurrection In the USA, American English developed the word cremains as an abbreviation of cremated remains This is an interesting word in that it removes cremation from immediate reference and might be said to marginalize the very element that yields the product This, however, is not strange for in many US contexts the actual crematorium may be quite separate from where the funeral service takes place Yet, at the same time, the word slightly transforms remains to make them something special; one might say that it customizes the product Something of this slight confusion is re ected in one American best-seller novel: Places of Memory 121
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Actually, it s kind of funny they don t call them remains: they call them cremains But we still think the ashes might be coming (Eggers 2000: 223)
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Hope 2: Internal, the Retrospective Ful lment of Identity
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The new rites of privatization of cremated remains may well re ect that pattern of belief or absence of belief The hope involved in changed rites can also be interpreted as a reversal of the traditional Christian notion of hope lying in the eschatological ful lment of identity, with its possible idea of lovers meeting again in heaven for some eternal family future as discussed earlier in this book So it is that an eschatological ful lment is replaced by a retrospective ful lment of identity of both the dead and of the bereaved partner Relatives take cremated remains and place them in locations of high personal signi cance for the deceased person or for their relationship with that person Throughout most of the twentieth century these remains had been buried or scattered at crematoria where special gardens of remembrance were constructed A relatively small number were placed in various forms of decorative urns for permanent retention in columbaria: the columbarium being a modern redevelopment of the classic Roman niched wall building for remains, itself named after the dovecote with its individual compartments But, now the dynamics of memorial sites shift; they no longer bene t from this public frame of signi cance Private, personal, even idiosyncratic factors replace established cultural ideas This suggests that hope , too, shifts in signi cance Fond memory replaces hope Ashes are not deposited in sure and certain hope of the resurrection but in deep memory and engagement with the past Here the identity of the living frames the location of the dead The signi cance of the ashes and of their location will hold only as long as the living survive Devoid of the wider public architecture, memory becomes less 122 Places of Memory
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durable than does publicly framed hope But, and this is perhaps the crucial fact, given that personal wishes are paramount in a privatized consumerist culture, it is what the relative wants that counts Here I would add that whether in public cemetery or privately located remains it is wise to note that the bereaved still visit and talk to the dead, they activate their memories and selectively draw from them as they will In this they are free to locate and manipulate hope as a positive sentiment within their own life This brings to focus the fact that death is a relational factor as far as the living are concerned The extent to which that relationship is a basis for hope now becomes the crucial issue When memory is excited within pre-existing locations of religious or civic hope it may be expected to share in the public fund of memory, at least to some extent, but that cannot be guaranteed with private sites Cremated remains, in other cultural contexts, can foster the memory of the dead, as in India where Mahatma Ghandi s remains were divided and sent to different parts of the country, allowing different regions a sense of participation in the memorial of that great leader Historically speaking, there were similar cases of parts of bodies being buried in different places, as with David Livingstone s heart being buried in Africa while his body was returned to England Today, the individual choice of the bereaved as a consumer of ritual services becomes important but with the result that cultural clashes may arise between the guardians of architecturalritual sites and their users When, for example, a Church of England dignitary does not allow a churchyard gravestone to carry the word Dad , regarding it as somewhat vulgar, he is viewed as insensitive to the needs of the bereaved Within a consumerist culture, grief, like style, can be viewed as an individual choice that should be treated respectfully by those providing services Differences of opinion can become problematic if, for example, church of cials see themselves as, primarily, representing historical and traditional religion with a responsibility for Places of Memory 123
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social architecture of death and not simply as providers of an arena in which individuals are free to do as they wish Because our society has become highly sensitized to death, as to human rights in general, it becomes increasingly unacceptable to set individual needs against the potential values of wider society The bridge between society and individual is always manyspanned Some scholars approach the history of humanity with the idea that people in one era are really quite different from those in another Doubtless, there is much truth in the fact that our culture forms much of us in its own image but, even so, this should not compel us to assume radical differences over certain emotions and moods Indeed, I suspect that aspects of, for example, fear and grief, as of love, hate and excitement, are undercurrents of common human experience that endure over millennia Judicious and charitable caution must be exercised over changing times and places We might, for example, take the case of tears As an expression of grief, tears are far from simple, running, as they do, the spectrum from inner privacy to public display Durkheim s sociological eye saw in tears a message to the community from the bereaved, a social expectation and duty And there are times when people must be seen to weep; anything else would be disrespectful and throw into doubt their relationships with the dead But there are also times when weeping is private, of the heart and for the heart, as is inevitable given the depth and complexity of human relationships There are some tears that would not make social sense and come into their own only in private Even the provision of paid public wailers does not presume lack of personal loss on the part of their patron William Blake s expression, For a Tear is an intellectual thing , marks a poetic defence against any sharp division between reason and feeling, and clearly af rms how ideas may well take the form of emotion; his is a reminder of the complexity of life (Blake 1874: 159)
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