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ByMary Campione,Kathy Walrath,Alison Huml
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This statement creates a new Rectangle object and immediately gets its height In essence, the Publisher : Addison the default height of a Rectangle Note that after this statement has been statement calculatesWesley executed, the program no2000 Pub Date : December 28, longer has a reference to the created Rectangle, because the program never stored0-201-70393-9 in a variable The object is unreferenced, and its resources can be recycled ISBN : the reference by the Java platform Pages : 592
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A word about Variable Access
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"This book stands above the rest because it has been available on the web and read by thousands of The direct manipulation of an object's received an enormous amount classes is discouraged because Java programmers The authors have variables by other objects and of feedback about which sections it's possible to set the variables to values that don't make ones have been improved I doubt that any are good and which sections are confusing; the confusing sense For example, consider the Rectangle class from the previous section Using that class, you can create a rectangle whose width other Java book has undergone such trial by fire" -Metroplex Java User Group, and height are negative, which, for some applications, doesn't make sense wwwjavamugorg/reviews/
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Ideally, instead of allowing directlearning on the job, The Java(TM) Tutorial, Third Edition , is a handsWhether you're taking a class or manipulation of variables, a class would provide methods through which other objects can inspect or change variables These methods ensure that the values of the on guide that lets you quickly become proficient with the Java programming language Written by variables make sense for objects of that type Thus, the Rectangle class would provide methods members of the Java Software team at Sun Microsystems, the book uses an interactive approach to calledsetWidth,setHeight,getWidth, and getHeight for setting and getting the width and the help you learn the Java platform by example height The methods for setting the variables would report an error if the caller tried to set the width or the its first to a negative number The other advantage of usingTutorial has beenof direct variable Since height online release in 1995, the material in The Java(TM) methods instead updated access is thatto reflect reader feedback type new releases of of the variables it uses for storing the continuously the class can change the and and the names the Java platform This third edition has width thoroughly updated to cover v13its clients Platform, Standard Edition, as well as preceding been and the height without affecting of the Java
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versions as early as JDK 11 However, in practical situations, it sometimes makes sense to allow direct access to an object's variables For example, both the Point class and theas objects, classes, and data access to their You will find clear explanations of such fundamentals Rectangle class allow free structures In member variables by declaring them public This keeps these classes small and construction, it keeps addition, the book provides introductions to object-oriented programming, applet simple Also, and theminterface design Other topics includemight allow rectangles with negative widths and heights user generally useful Some applications exceptions, I/O, and threads To help beginners avoid many common mistakes, an entire chapter is devoted to programming problems and their solutions The Java programming at the end of each section are new to this edition Also new for this edition are Convenient summaries language provides an access control mechanism whereby classes can determine what Exercises" sections to help you practice what you learnclass should protect variables "Questions and other classes can have direct access to its variables A against direct manipulation by other objects if those manipulations could result in values that don't make working through the that type Changes to these variables should be controlled by method calls After sense for objects of lessons in this proven tutorial, you will be well prepared to use the Java If a class grants access to your school or workplace programming language in its variables, you can assume that you can inspect and change those variables without adverse effects To learn more about the access control mechanism, refer to the sectionControlling Access to Members of a Class (page 193) in 5 Also, by making the variables accessible, they become part of the class's API, which means that the writer of the class should not change their names or their types
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