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Color Color Color Color
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green = blue = white = black =
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ColorFromArgb(0, 255, 0); // 0 red, 255 blue, 0 green ColorFromArgb(0, 0, 255); // 0 red, 0 blue, 255 green ColorFromArgb(255, 255, 255); // white ColorFromArgb(0, 0, 0); // black
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If you'd like to specify the degree of transparency as well, you pass an alpha value: Color blue25PercentOpaque = ColorFromArgb(255*1/4, 0, 0, 255); Color blue75PercentOpaque = ColorFromArgb(255*3/4, 0, 0, 255); The three 8-bit color values and the 8-bit alpha value make up the four parts of a single value that defines the 32-bit color that modern video display adaptors can handle If you prefer to pass the four values combined into the single 32-bit value, you can do that with another of the overloads, although it's fairly awkward and therefore usually avoided: // A = 191, R = 0, G = 0, B = 255 Color blue75PercentOpache = ColorFromArgb(-1090518785);
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Known Colors
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Often, the color you're interested in already has a well-known name, and this means that it will already be available from the static fields of Color that define known colors, from the KnownColor enumeration, and by name: Color blue1 = ColorBlueViolet; Color blue2 = ColorFromKnownColor(KnownColorBlueViolet); Color blue3 = ColorFromName("BlueViolet"); In addition to 141 colors with names such as AliceBlue and OldLace, the KnownColor enumeration has 26 values describing the current colors assigned to various parts of the Windows UI, such as the color of the border on the active window and the color of the default background of a control These colors are handy when you're doing custom drawing and you'd like to match the rest of the system The system color values of the KnownColor enumeration are shown here: enum KnownColor { // Nonsystem colors elided ActiveBorder, ActiveCaption, ActiveCaptionText, AppWorkspace, Control, ControlDark, ControlDarkDark, ControlLight, ControlLightLight, ControlText, Desktop, GrayText Highlight, HighlightText, HotTrack, InactiveBorder, InactiveCaption, InactiveCaptionText,
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Info, InfoText, Menu, MenuText, ScrollBar, Window, WindowFrame, WindowText, } If you'd like to use one of the system colors without creating your own instance of the Color class, you can access them already created for you and exposed as properties of the SystemColors class: sealed class SystemColors { // Properties public static Color ActiveBorder { get; } public static Color ActiveCaption { get; } public static Color ActiveCaptionText { get; } public static Color AppWorkspace { get; } public static Color Control { get; } public static Color ControlDark { get; } public static Color ControlDarkDark { get; } public static Color ControlLight { get; } public static Color ControlLightLight { get; } public static Color ControlText { get; } public static Color Desktop { get; } public static Color GrayText { get; } public static Color Highlight { get; } public static Color HighlightText { get; } public static Color HotTrack { get; } public static Color InactiveBorder { get; } public static Color InactiveCaption { get; } public static Color InactiveCaptionText { get; } public static Color Info { get; } public static Color InfoText { get; } public static Color Menu { get; } public static Color MenuText { get; } public static Color ScrollBar { get; } public static Color Window { get; } public static Color WindowFrame { get; } public static Color WindowText { get; } } The following two lines yield Color objects with the same color values, and you can use whichever one you like: Color color1 = ColorFromKnownColor(KnownColorGrayText); Color color2 = SystemColorsGrayText;
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Color Translation
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If you have a color in one of three other formats HTML, OLE, or Win32 or you'd like to translate to one of these formats, you can use ColorTranslator, as shown here for HTML: Color htmlBlue = ColorTranslatorFromHtml("#0000ff");
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string htmlBlueToo = ColorTranslatorToHtml(htmlBlue); When you have a Color, you can get its alpha, red, blue, and green values as well as the color's name, whether it's a known color or a system color You can also use these values to fill and frame shapes, which require brushes and pens, respectively [ Team LiB ]
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[ Team LiB ]
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