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Server Manager
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Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) Enables applications to register on and resolve names from your computer, so other computers can communicate with the applications Quality Windows Audio Video Experience (qWave) A networking platform for audio and video (AV) streaming applications on IP home networks qWave enhances AV streaming performance and reliability by ensuring network quality-of-service for AV applications It provides admission control, run time monitoring and enforcement, application feedback, and traf c prioritization On Windows Server platforms, qWave provides only rate-of- ow and prioritization services Remote Assistance Enables you (or a support person) to offer assistance to users with computer issues or questions Remote Assistance enables you to view and share control of the user s desktop in order to troubleshoot and x the issues Users can also ask for help from friends or co-workers Remote Differential Compression Used as part of replication technologies to replicate only delta information in a compressed format so as to use minimal amounts of bandwidth Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) Enables remote management of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 from a computer running Windows Server 2008 by enabling you to run some of the management tools for roles, role services, and features on a remote computer Normally tools are installed as roles and features are installed However, if you have a server that you want to use to administer other servers that have roles not locally installed, add the administration tools via RSAT To manage from a client computer, download and install RSAT for Windows Vista SP1 Removable Storage Manager (RSM) Manages and catalogs removable media and operates automated removable media devices Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) Over HTTP Proxy Used by objects that receive RPCs over HTTP This proxy enables clients to discover these objects even if the objects are moved between servers or even if they exist in discrete areas of the network (usually for security reasons) Simple TCP/IP Services Supports the following TCP/IP services: Character Generator, Daytime, Discard, Echo, and Quote of the Day Simple TCP/IP Services is provided for backward compatibility and should not be installed unless it is required SMTP Server Supports the transfer of e-mail messages between email systems
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17 Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008
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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Services The Internet standard protocol for exchanging management information between management console applications such as System Center Operations Manager, HP Openview, Novell NMS, IBM NetView, or Sun Net Manager and managed entities Managed entities can include hosts, routers, bridges, and hubs Both the SNMP service and a WMI provider can be installed Storage Manager for Storage Area Networks (SANs) Helps you create and manage logical unit numbers (LUNs) on Fibre Channel and iSCSI disk drive subsystems that support Virtual Disk Service (VDS) in your SAN This is designed to help small to medium companies manage their SANs without requiring specialist training in SAN management Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) Along with a package of support utilities available for download from the Microsoft web site, enables you to run UNIX-based programs and compile and run custom UNIX-based applications in the Windows environment Telnet Client Uses the Telnet protocol to connect to a remote telnet server and run applications on that server Telnet Server Enables remote users, including those running UNIX-based operating systems, to perform command-line administration tasks and run programs by using a telnet client Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Client Reads les from, or writes les to, a remote TFTP server TFTP is primarily used by embedded devices or systems that retrieve rmware, con guration information, or a system image during the boot process from a TFTP server Windows Internal Database A relational data store that can be used only by Windows roles and features, such as UDDI Services, AD RMS, Windows Server Update Services, and Windows System Resource Manager Windows PowerShell A command-line shell and scripting language that helps IT professionals achieve greater productivity It provides a new administrator-focused scripting language and more than 130 standard command-line tools to enable easier system administration and accelerated automation Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) Generalizes the IIS process model, removing the dependency on HTTP All the features of IIS that were previously available only to HTTP applications are now available to applications hosting Windows Communication
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